Intelligence Programs and Systems

This resource is a comprehensive alphabetical listing of intelligence programs, including both those for which detailed descriptions are available, as well as those for which profiles are not yet available. It is an extremely mixed bag that includes major hardware programs for which extensive profiles are available, medium-sized software implementations which are briefly described, as well as a whole bunch of other cats and dogs which are not and may never be profiled, but whose existence is known and which are included for the sake of completeness and potential future inclusion. In 1993, the Secretary of Defense directed all functional areas to select standard information systems and applications, and eliminate legacy systems. To date, the Department has identified 1,849 information systems, of which functional communities have selected 247 as migration systems. DoD will eliminate at least 1,079 of these legacy systems by the year 2000.

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5D Demand Driven Direct Digital Dissemination

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A160 Hummingbird UAV
ABI Airborne Broadcast Intelligence
ABI AWACS Broadcast Intelligence
ABIT Airborne Information Transmission
ACDBU Automated Counterdrug Database Update
ACC GOC ACC Global Operations Center
ACCES Advance Cryptologic Carry-on Exploitation System
ACIPS Acoustic Intelligence Processing System
ACS Aerial Common Sensor
ADARS Airborne Digital Audio Recording System
ADARS ASAS Data Recording and Summary System
ADNET Anti-Drug Network
ADS Advance Deployable System
AEOS Advanced Electro-Optical System
AEPDS Advanced Electronic Processing and Dissemination System
AFMSS Air Force Mission Support System
AFINTNET Air Force Intelligence Network
AHFEWS Army HF Electronic Warfare System AN/TLQ-33
AGS Alliance Ground Surveillance
AIRTAPS Aerial Imagery Reconnaissance Tracking and Plotting System
AIS ACCINTNET Implementation Support
AIRES Advanced Imagery Reqs & Exploitation System
ALE RMS Aires Life Extension
Altair Predator B
ALS Airborne Link Segment [Segment Upgrade]
M AMHS DODIIS Automated Message Handling System
AMOS Air Force Maui Optical Station
AMSS Automatic Met. Sensor System
AN/ASQ-223 ARL Airborne Reconnaissance - Low
AN/ALQ-151 Quickfix / Advanced Quickfix [AQF]
AN/BQH-5 Submarine Support Equipment
AN/FLR-9 High Frequency Direction Finding System

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