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The Community On-Line Intelligence System for End-Users and Managers (COLISEUM) is a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) automated production/requirements management system. It provides the mechanism for registering and validating requirements, deconfliction of requirements, assigning and scheduling production, and provides the capability to track and manage overall production activities across operational and national planners and consumers.

COLISEUM is a database application designed to support the national intelligence community for registration, validation, tracking and management of Production Requirements (PRs). It provides a user-friendly "point and click" mechanism for scheduling, deconflicting, and assigning production assets. Most importantly, it provides the capability to track and manage overall production activities across operational and national planners. COLISEUM is designed to function as an application under the JDISS Program, which provides additional connectivity and interoperability with other intelligence systems. Read-only access is now also available through Intelink TS.

COLISEUM is installed at all unified commands, military services, DOD production centers, DIA, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), National Military Joint Intelligence Centers, and national support teams. As of October 1996 more than 1,684 intelligence community users had access to COLISEUM, with more than 5000 requirements registered with another 5000 Intel products scheduled for production.

COLISEUM is a client- server database application designed to support the national intelligence community for the registration, validation, tracking, and management of crisis and non- crisis intelligence requirements. It was developed with commercial off- the- shelf technology to provide a graphical user interface for interaction with the database host at DIA. COLISEUM is a pick list driven system that provides a default capability and easy search mechanisms for reviewing and registering requirements. COLISEUM is a UNIX based system that has been successfully tested on h/w platform under Windows NT.

COLISEUM was renamed under the Principles of Understanding between the National Intelligence Council (NIC) and DIA in 1995, the former name was DODIMS, DoD Intelligence Management System. COLISEUM is the core module of a national intelligence production management system for validating requirements, deconflication and assignment for DOD.

The improvements resulting from the implementation of COLISEUM include the automation of the registration, validation, and production assignment of a PR, as well as the capability to perform on-line deconfliction and scheduling of intelligence products. Improvements include an efficient and complete automated method of tracking and monitoring PRs and production scheduling through the use of the query and report features to be built into the COLISEUM application, and the access, through JDISS/ JWICS communications, to other Intelligence applications and databases.

The COLISEUM database improves the current manual system of production management through the elimination of paper, by improving personnel performance, allowing user access across a network, increasing the flexibility in user reporting, efficient data retrieval, statistical and graphical reporting, centralized control, and regular backups which will provide historical and archival capabilities.

The COLISEUM database provides a central repository for each site's specific information. A central database houses the entire communities' information. Intelligence customers use COLISEUM to register PRs, and to monitor the progress of PRs and production against the PRs. Production centers use COLISEUM to register product information which is generated for one or more PRs. Production centers can then use COLISEUM to perform production deconfliction, production scheduling, and assess production shortfalls. Management uses COLISEUM and the information in the various databases to generate several types of reports. These reports are used to determine bottlenecks in the PR or production process.

COLISEUM provides a requestor/ validator capability through InteLink to access current intelligence products (i. e.: National Intelligence Daily, Military Intelligence Digest, NMJIC Executive Highlights, Defense Intelligence Report, Daily Intelligence Highlights, Chairman's Morning Brief, etc.)

System functions are fulfilled via the hardware and software. Initial hardware components necessary to minimally meet user requirements for an initial capability are as follows: JDISS platform (with 64MB of memory) connected to the LAN/ WAN; JWICS hardware and software communications infrastructure used by the JDISS workstation for connectivity to remote databases and applications; file server connected to the LAN; color and laser printer( s) access through the LAN; a tape backup device; and for BDA analysts/ users, a Parallax video card.

COLISEUM was developed and maintained using a spiral methodology (requiring user participation and feedback) rather than a traditional waterfall approach, this document is dynamic. It will be updated throughout the iterative process of the development effort and is subject to COLISEUM project CCB and DoDIIS Configuration Management (CM) procedures.

COLISEUM was formally delivered in multiple phases; an Initial Operating Capability (IOC), and Final Operating Capability (FOC) developed for the DoD community, and an Objective Operational Capability (OOC) developed for the National Intelligence Community. The IOC requirements are the requirements baselined for the DoD IOC delivery (baseline functional system). The FOC requirements are identified for the DoD FOC delivery, or target system. The OOC requirements are those requirements identified and are to be determined (TBD) for a Community-wide release of an enterprise system. The OOC incorporates all modules identified and captured in this RDD by the end of this target effort, as well as those modules and requirements for a follow- on objective effort subsequent to the initial year of the COLISEUM (formerly DoDIMS) development effort.

The overall COLISEUM architecture was developed in accordance with the DoDIIS CSE Specification, DoDIIS Profile, and other applicable DoDIIS architecture and data element standards as listed in the High Level Functional System Design Document. COLISEUM will be executed as a JDISS application running in the Unix environment. As a JDISS application, COLISEUM relies on the communications protocols of the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (JWICS) to provide access to applications and databases located at other sites. COLISEUM is the application used to register and track Production Requirements (PRs), assign PRs to production centers, as well as for registration and monitoring of intelligence product information. COLISEUM will be used to assist in PR validation and will provide the tools necessary for production management, scheduling, and deconfliction.

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