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AN/TSQ-134 Enhanced Tactical Users Terminal (ETUT)

The ETUT is a trailer-mounted system that processes signals intelligence (SIGINT) data and intelligence received from other TENCAP systems. It provides security sanitization of the data it receives and also provides tailored reporting to its command. Products include intelligence reports, annotated imagery, and targeting data. The XVIII Airborne Corps, V Corps, III Corps, I Corps, 513th MI Brigade, and 501st MI Brigade all currently have ETUTs.

The ETUT is a SUN UNIX architectured mobile, air and ground transportable, system-high, intelligence and communication system. The system is designed as the interface between the EPDS for SIGINT data, the MIES for imagery data, and provides an automated collection management capability to the tactical commander. Communications consists of a SUCCESS radio which provides simultaneous connectivity through/to multiple airborne/ space borne platforms as well as the TRAP/TADIX-B interface. The DIA accredited communication subsystem is compatible with TROJAN, MSE, Top Graphic/Gallant/Gable, as well as all TENCAP systems. The ELINT tactical & external signal parameters positions maintain a data base which is a reflection of the data manipulated in the EPDS. The imagery management position interfaces with a variety of corps, theater, and national imagery systems to provide secondary imagery, as well as a data base of exploited imagery reports. The joint collection management tool's position is remotable in order to provide the collection manager access to the Army baseline collection management system.

The Advanced Electronic Processing and Dissemination System (AEPDS) combines the Electronic Processing and Dissemination System (EPDS) and the Enhanced Tactical User Terminal (ETUT) into one system that provides Corps and Echelon Above Corps commanders timely intelligence collected by national, theater, and Corps sensors. The AEPDS configuration is achieved by upgrading the existing ETUT systems with a miniaturized Data Acquisition System (MiDAS), S-band capability, and EPDS software functions. Once a unit's ETUT is upgraded into an AEPDS, the EPDS is defielded.

The Mobile Integrated Tactical Terminal (MITT) provides ETUT functionality in a more mobile vehicle than a trailer, the HMMWV. The MITT system provides seamless multisource intelligence receipt, transmission, and analysis of a wide range of intelligence products from national, theater, and tactical collection assets. MITT will be replaced by the Division Tactical Exploitation System (DTES).


  • . Robust communications:
    • ' UHF SATCOM
    • ' UHF pt-pt terrestrial
    • ' Land lines
    • ' S-band comms via ROTERM/CHARIOT

  • . Timely SIGINT/IMINT:
    • ' National/theater/tactical sensors
    • ' Immediate reporting
    • ' Integrates SIGINT/IMINT, rpts results
    • ' Cross cues SIGINT/ IMINT processors
    • ' Receives, annotates, and disseminates secondary imagery

  • . 20' van w/ 5T tractor
  • . Subsystems:
    • ' IMINT/ESP/ELINT pos
    • ' Remote CMST terminal
    • ' Comms processor
  • . Air deployable on C130
  • . Set-up/tear-down <1 hr
  • Employed at corps ACE and selected EAC
  • Robust communications
  • Split-based opns
  • Supports target development
  • Situation development
  • Collection management

Tactical Users Terminal (TUT)

Enhanced Tactical Users Terminal (ETUT)

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