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RULER is a NPIC software application for doing mensuration an related analysis functions. Mensuration consists of geometric measurements from monoscopic and stereoscopic imagery, under a variety of acquisition conditions. RULER has been defining a standardized set of mensuration algorithms and interfaces over the past several years. This provides the interfaces needed to perform automatic and interactive measurement of scene or image characteristics, to include the computation of absolute, relative, or transformed coordinates of features in an image, as well as the mensuration of geometric properties, such as lengths, heights, areas, volumes, and orientations of image features.

The Ruler project is creating a portable mensuration application that can be used to support both hardcopy and softcopy mensuration. As a hardcopy tool, Ruler will replace the existing Precision Mensuration System (PMS) and the Light Table Mensuration System (LTMS). To support softcopy mensuration, a Ruler Public Interface Specification has been created to allow softcopy exploitation systems to access Ruler mensuration capabilities through a well-defined Application Programming Interface (API). Ruler provides mensuration support for the current national sensors and their associated imagery formats. Because of its ability to support both hardcopy and softcopy mensuration, Ruler is the mensuration software standard product for the Intelligence Community.

Ruler 3.0 was released on 7 February 1996 to approximately 56 sites for use as a hardcopy exploitation tool. An additional 18 government organizations have contracted with commercial vendors developing softcopy exploitation tools to access Ruler as a mensuration service via the Ruler Public Interface Specification. NIMA has chosen Aide-De-Camp as the source code control system for Ruler.

Objective and Milestones

  • Completed Ruler 7.0 Master Schedule: 28 Feb 98
  • Completed Ruler 8.0 Master Schedule: 28 Oct 98

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