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TACFIX is a shelter mounted direction finder system. It is used by Communications Electronics Warfare Intelligence (CEWI) units. This equipment is designed with two direction finder (DF) receivers, a quick erecting DF antenna/mast assembly, and a DF processor. TACFIX provides Line-of-Bearing data only and must be manually controlled to provide true DF.


  • Sep 79 Purchased by FORSCOM for readiness training. A total of 35 original systems were purchased without life-cycle ILS.
  • Jan 84 CECOM tasked by DA to support FORSCOM by developing ILS.
  • Jun 86 Spare and repair parts in place.
  • Sep 87 Antenna design change to install in shelter.
  • Apr 89 Procurement data package submitted to upgrade system capabilities.
  • Jun 89 Full depot support established at TOAD.
  • Feb 94 System transitioned from FORSCOM (Level I) to CECOM (Level II).

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