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Special Operations Forces Intelligence Vehicle (SOF IV)

The Special Operations Forces Intelligence Vehicle (SOF IV) is a tactical intelligence processing and analysis system that extends the JDISS-SOCRATES capabilities to the tactical level. Approved as a DOD migration system with an inventory objective of 12 systems, this 5-year program is intended to produce a modular and scalable network architecture for special forces intelligence units. A typical SOFIV system includes a HMMWV with a piggyback SICPS shelter, with applications servers and communications systems and 4-8 Sparc20 desktop or laptop workstations connected to the shelter via a fiber-optic LAN. SOFIV provides deployable intelligence support for SOF missions such as Foreign Internal Defense, Security Assistance, Humanitarian Assistance, Unconventional Warfare, Search and Rescue, Direct Action, Counternarcotics, and Anti-Terrorism.

On March 17, 1997 Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen announced the award presentation of four 1997 David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Awards at the Acquisition Reform Week Kick-Off Ceremony in the Pentagon. The 1997 awards program recognize the best Department of Defense acquisition Integrated Product Teams The SOF IV program used creative streamlining approaches in using the areas of technology integration, economic ordering contracts, and reducing life cycle support cost reductions. These innovative processes permitted maximum return on the Special Operations Command investment. The SOF IV provides Special Operations Forces users with a joint warfighting intelligence processing capability that supports Joint Special Operations Task Force operations. The program office is located at MacDill Air Force Base, near Tampa, FL.

The Special Operations Forces' (SOF) Intelligence Vehicle-Migration (SOF IV-M) is a deployable, self-contained, automated multi-discipline intelligence system that can support the full spectrum of operational intelligence for mission planning and execution. It is a migration system using Non-developmental Item (NDI) Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) and Government-off-the-Shelf (GOTS) hardware and software, and can process unfinished information into usable intelligence with the same functionality and capabilities as in garrison operations.

BTG is responsible for the design, integration, and test of a software architecture that includes Operational Intelligence, Message Processing, Indications and Warnings, Secondary Imagery Handling, Target/Mission Planning, Collections Management, Automated Intelligence Reporting, and remote National, Theater, and SOF Database Access. The SOFIV LAN has access to multiple external communications paths using organic radio assets or a variety of network router options. The architecture supports the ad-hoc creation of a wide variety of LAN/WAN/MAN configurations in the field. The SOFIV integrates approximately 35 GOTS and COTS applications into a DODIIS-compliant open systems backplane. SOFIV has been designated as a DODIIS migration system.

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