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TENCAP Communication System Processor (CSP)

The Army TENCAP architecture allows the dissemination of multisource collection to all echelons in near-real time. This is done via the TENCAP Communication System Processor (CSP). The TENCAP CSP provides the capability to receive and transmit data from both landlines and radio-frequency circuits. It also provides connectivity to up to 15 mode-1, mode-1s, Generic Gateway (Digital Data Communications Protocol, DDCMP/Full Duplex Message FDMP), half duplex and asynchronous tactical circuits.

The family of TENCAP CSP's offers turn-key solutions to record traffic processing requirements.

  • Stand-alone message centers
  • Front-end message processor for host workstations
  • Federated microprocessor architecture

The Communications Systems Processor (CSP), originally developed and fielded in 1981, has been installed in all of the Army's TENCAP systems worldwide. This equipment is common to all Army TENCAP systems.

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