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National Eagle

Eagle Vision is a C-130 deployable Radarsat/Landsat/SPOT imagery downlink that processes the imagery it receives into the DMA standard formats. It is currently in operation at Ramstein AB, GE. A brand new system, National Eagle, expands on the imagery processing segment of Eagle Vision. Under National Eagle, the Eagle Vision processing software/hardware will be modified to accept national imagery and develop prototype image mosaicing software that would permit users in the field to produce their own specialized three-dimensional display products. The mosaics are currently produced by contractor technicians in CONUS and shipped overseas which usually takes weeks. The products are currently being used for mission planning and rehearsal at Aviano AB, Vincenza, and by the 1st Armored Division in Tuzla. Giving the user in the field the capability to produce his own mission planning products, reduces lead time and communication loads.

National Eagle was funded by the MERIT office (Military Exploitation of Reconnaissance and Intelligence Technologies). The National Eagle system will be located at the Space Warfare Center in Colorado Springs, CO (to be delivered in Apr 97). It will consist of one shelter that houses several mission planning systems, to include AMPS, TAMPS, AFMSS, and Powerscene. The mission planning tools help support the warfighters by allowing pilots and other users to view missions and scenarios before going into action.

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