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  • American Victory in Vietnam by John Pike, 21 Sep -- "The extent of the American victory in Vietnam was not apparent at the time. American strategic objectives in Vietnam were complex, and evolved over time as leaders in Washington came and went and as the situation on the ground matured. ..."
  • totally destroy North Korea by John Pike, 20 Sep -- "the underlying question is how to deter the DPRK bouncing the rubble might be a bad idea, since Japan is down wind, & the ROK is hoping to gain resources from re-unification, rather than seeing the entire DPRK turned into a burn hospital in the Cold War, the logic of deterrence was to "place at risk that which they hold dear" eventually that led to "counter recovery" targeting and trying to destroy leadership bunkers what deters the DPRK? probably leadership sites is a good start does anyone have an inventory of such sites we had a fair idea on this front for Saddam http://www...."

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