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AN/TSQ-219 Tactical Exploitation System [TES]

The TES is the Army's Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities (TENCAP) migration system that combines and downsizes the Tactical Exploitation for National Capabilities (TENCAP) functions into a single system. The TES program combines the major functions of the AEPDS, ETRAC, and MIES into an integrated downsized, scalable and modular unit that can drive on and off C-130 or larger aircraft. It will provide the Commander an ability to receive, process and exploit ELINT and IMINT data from selected national and theater sensors, and receive, process exploit, and generate timely information and intelligence. The TES will perform the preprocessor functions for the All Source Analysis System (ASAS), Common Ground Station (CGS), and Digital Topographic Support System (DTSS). Designed for split base operation, the TES will be capable of supporting joint and combined operations and supporting early entry operations.

The TES will meet the Commanders requirement for a tailorable and scaleable system capable of early entry operations and supporting contingencies from peace keeping to all out war. It will be configured in two segments, Main (TES-M) and Forward (TES-F) elements, both of which will be C-130 drive-on/drive-off capable. The forward segment will be able to land with the initial entry forces to provide the Commander with immediate national- and theater-level intelligence support. The main segment has been designed to

  • Operate behind the initial entry forces.
  • Support split-based operations.
  • Provide continuous updates while the force is moving to its destination.
  • Conduct detailed analysis of intelligence collected.
  • Maintain a master database.
  • Gather intelligence on other contingency areas.

The TES Forward [TES-F] will consist of 12 High Mobility Multiple Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWVs) to meet the Commander's lift and mobility requirements

The TES Main (TES-M) [ or TES Rear] will consist of ETRAC type vans

This easily deployable configuration provides the commander with a highly flexible, modular system that can be used for split base operations. The configuration also provides quick set-up/tear-down for rapid deployment and drive-on/drive-off capability on the C-130 military aircraft. The TES will support Joint and Combined operations by using Common Hardware and Software (CHS) and Common Operating Environment (COE) standard protocols compliant with Department of Defense (DoD) and National architectures.

The TES falls under the TENCAP acquisition model and does not follow the normal 5000 series acquisition and testing process. This model provides the ability for system development based on technological objectives and informal requirements (formal requirements are developed and published concurrently); and operational user evaluations vice formal Director, Operational Test & Evaluation (DOT&E) methods. The TENCAP General Officer Steering Committee oversees this process and directs the implementation of all requirements and milestone decisions.

Related Programs

The Army TES is the basis of the Navy Fires Network, the Marine Corps Tactical Exploitation Group and the Air Force ISR [Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance] Manager.

TES is the objective TENCAP preprocessor for national and selected airborne sensors. The system will replace three legacy systems, consolidating the Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) and Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) capabilities of the Modernized Imagery Exploitation System (MIES), Enhanced Tactical Radar Correlator (ETRAC), and the Electronic Processing Dissemination System (EPDS). The TES will perform preprocessor functions for the All-Source Analysis System (ASAS), Common Ground Station (CGS), and the Digital Topographic Support System (DTSS). The TES will be able to seamlessly interface with ASAS, CGS, DTSS and all other TENCAP systems (i.e., the Mobile Integrated Tactical Terminal (MITT) and the Forward Analytical Support Terminal (FAST)). The TES will have a robust communications suite with LAN/WAN capability and dedicated links to the Integrated Broadcast Service (IBS) for receipt of National and other Service information and intelligence and the rapid dissemination of information and intelligence to joint warfighters at all echelons.

Deployed Units

The prototype TES will be available approximately FY98, and the first system will be fielded in 1999-2000. The concept is to deliver one TES to support Echelons Above Corps (EAC) Military Intelligence (MI) Brigades and one per Corps for a total of six TESs.

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