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Intelligence Communications & Architectures Requirements Information System [ICARIS]

The Intelligence Communications & Architectures Requirements Information System [ICARIS] is an automated architecture development and management tool that provides a methodology and means for the capture of information concerning existing force structures, intelligence nodes and their communications architectures. ICARIS also supports the design of alternative communications architectures based on changes to the organization and/or mission. ICARIS contains databases on force structures, military and government organizations, organizational intelligence requirements and equipment related to the production and dissemination of intelligence products. These equipment databases include intelligence request systems, collection systems, processing and exploitation systems, intelligence and operational support systems and communications assets, including satellite communications and wideband common carrier networks.

TRW's Avionics and Surveillance Group--Tactical Systems, under contract to the C4I Integration Support Activity (CISA) of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (C3I), has developed and deployed ICARIS as a worldwide intelligence communications architecture planning and management tool. ICARIS is currently fielded and maintained by TRW at over 50 different locations worldwide, including the planning staffs at EUCOM, CENTCOM, SOCOM, PACOM, ACOM, and STRATCOM, as well as the component headquarters and Joint Intelligence Centers for these commands. In addition, initial architecture development is currently under way for STRATCOM, SPACECOM and TRANSCOM. ICARIS is also operational and providing direct support to several national organizations in the Washington, D.C. area including JCS J2, DARO, CIO, NSA, NPIC, CIA Office of Military Affairs, DIA,OSO, ASPO, and the National Military Joint Intelligence Center (NMJIC). These organizations are using ICARIS for rapid evaluation of intelligence options for long-range planning and crisis situations.

ICARIS is a DODIIS migration system. The DoD is in the process of establishing a simplified baseline of the best, common information systems across the business functions of the Department. These migration systems represent a stage of process improvement designed at achieving a common set of automated processes and practices in DoD.

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