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RADIANT MERCURY is a software application developed under contract to the Navy, which automatically sanitizes and downgrades formatted classified documents. The automation of the sanitization and downgrade process decreases the time needed to perform these functions, and eliminates human error. RADIANT MERCURY operates according to user defined rules.

This application may have use in the NITFS world because of its ability to work on formatted data. The headers of NITF imagery files are formatted extensively, and RADIANT MERCURY would be able to perform all of its capabilities on the header. RADIANT MERCURY cannot examine the image itself, so classified objects in the image pixels would pass through a RADIANT MERCURY screening untouched. It is important that security labels in NITF headers accurately represent the classification level of the image for successful RADIANT MERCURY screening. The rapid sanitization and declassification of NITF headers could be used to downgrade stored imagery for release under other classification levels once it has undergone technical review.

The Radiant Mercury/Operations Support Office Team is also investigating Radiant Mercury for use in automated multi-level security and sanitization/redaction.

As of May 1999, Radiant Mercury ver. 3.0, the Y2K-compliant Sun system, was installed at 20 sites around the world. USS MOUNT WHITNEY and CINCPACFLT were the most recent Navy sites to receive the upgrade. USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN, USS EISENHOWER, USS ENTERPRISE, USS GEORGE WASHINGTON and USS LASALLE were the Navy sites that still required an upgrade from version 2.5 to version 3.0. Coordination continued to take place with each individual site in preparation for installation requirements.

Work is underway to provide a schoolhouse Radiant Mercury course on each coast. Training sites under consideration are NMITC (Dam Neck) and FITCPAC (San Diego). This effort will ensure that personnel can be trained enroute to a command or prior a TAD assignment. It will also provide for a broader base of personnel that understand how Radiant Mercury fits within the GCCS-M architecture and other systems.

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