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Naval Fires Network (NFN)
Tactical Exploitation System-Navy (TES-N)

NAVAIR has been the Navy's leader in developing time-critical targeting solutions such as the Rapid Precision Targeting System and the Digital Precision Strike Suite. NFN will add another layer of network centric warfare capability to the Navy's deploying battle groups. Using elements of the Army's TES, NFN is intended to provide support for combined arms strike missions in a joint task force.

The possibility in NFN is that of creating the naval component of a truly joint fire control architecture. NFN will have a definite impact on the Navy's ability to conduct strike in general, in joint or coalition operations in the future. One of the primary objectives is for the system to be interoperable with joint services. All the services today use TES as a baseline or as middle ware in their strike management programs.

Fleet Battle Experiment (FBE)-India, conducated in mid-2001, was designed and coordinated by the Navy Warfare Development Command's Maritime Battle Center, Newport, Rhode Island, and hosted by the COMTHIRDFLT, from U.S.S. Coronado (AGF 11) based in San Diego. The experiment was part of the larger Exercise Kernel Blitz held off the coast of Southern California. During FBE-India, NFN, LAWS, AFATDS, and Air Force platforms, successfully transferred data for intelligence and targeting missions across the widely dispersed task force. An Army military intelligence element located at China Lake, for example, could link directly to the NFN TES-N operators aboard the Coronado.

TES was a huge player in Fleet Battle Experiment India. NAWCWD land ranges hosted the Army's TES, as a precursor for Millennium Challenge 2002, which will take place next summer. The Navy used TES as an extension for doing real-time targeting. TES was able to take live feeds from the U-2 during the FBE. Additionally, the Army provided live artillery fire at the Land Range as one of the potential nodes in the Digital Fires Network.

TES-N, as the Navy calls it, has been installed aboard the Coronado, the 3rd Fleet command ship. During FBE-I, the Navy used TES-N to explore ways to further reduce time in the chain of events moving data from sensors to shooters. TES-N allowed the Coronado to share data with supporting arms coordination cells equipped with ground-based systems like the Army's and Marine Corps' Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS), as well as afloat coordination cells via the Land Attack Warfare System (LAWS).

TES-N is one of several components that make up NFN. NFN combines existing and emerging C4ISRT systems into an end-to-end precision, rapid engagement capability to support effective use of existing and future weapons against the full tactical target set.

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