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Electronic Processing and Dissemination System (EPDS)
Interim Tactical ELINT Processor [ITEP]

ITEP, or Interim Tactical ELINT Processor, was the precursor for the Electronic Processing and Dissemination System, or EPDS. The ITEP, an integration of existing equipment and capabilities, was fielded in 13 months and set the stage for TENCAP as a measure of success in system development and fielding. It not only came in at cost and on schedule, but performed better than specifications at delivery. This program set the model for sustainment in the field for future TENCAP systems.

EPDS is a mobile, air and ground transportable, system-high, intelligence and communication system. The system receives and processes SIGINT data collected by national, theater, and corps sensors. SIGINT data is correlated and integrated, then forwarded to the tactical commander in response to priority intelligence requirements and requests for information. The EPDS maintains the tactical commander's SIGINT data base and serves as a pre-processor for the ETUT/THMT/MITT/FAST/ASAS. The Communications Systems Processor (CSP) consists of a SUCCESS radio which provides uplink and downlink communications with multiple airborne/ space borne platforms simultaneously, and external ports to enable communication compatability with TROJAN, MSE, DIN/DSSCS as well as other TENCAP systems. The SUCCESS additionally provides a TRAP/TADIX-B interface. The data acquisition system provides direct access to national sensors, as well as, a full-duplex S-band SATCOM capability. A TIBS capability was added in FY 94.

The XVIII Airborne Corps, V Corps, III Corps, I Corps, the 513th MI Brigade, and the 501st MI Brigade have EPDS systems.


  • Robust Communications:
    • . TROJAN
    • . STU-III
    • . MSE
    • . UHF SATCOM
    • . UHF Point to Point terrestrial
    • . Land lines (leased or dedicated)

  • Near-Real-Time SIGINT:
    • . National/theater/tactical sensors
    • . Receives, pre-processes
    • . Correlates & integrates
    • . Reports refined results
  • . Consists of a 30' van pulled by a three axle 10-ton tractor
  • . Subsystems:
    • ' 2 analyst positions
    • ' Data acquisition
    • ' Comms processor
  • . Air deployable on C130 or larger aircraft
  • . Set-up/tear-down <2 hr

  • . Employed at corps (rear) and select EAC
  • . Robust communications
  • . Near-real-time SIGINT
  • . Split-based opns
  • . Supports situation development
  • . Target development support (close - deep)
  • . Timely recognition and warning of WARM

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