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Reserve Connectivity Execution Plan

Connectivity Infrastructure is the network of intelligence training and operations sites located throughout the country, tied together electronically by sophisticated intelligence and communication systems. The Reserve Connectivity Execution Plan (directed through the Defense Intelligence Agency's (DIA) Joint Reserve Intelligence Integration Project (JRIIP) office) fields Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications Systems (JWICS) to 28 sites to support Reserve Intelligence. These sites are existing centers of intelligence activity by Reserves from all services. They include Army AC intelligence facilities. the five ARISCs, and RC and AC intelligence facilities from other services. This connectivity infrastructure will allow USAR units and soldiers to conduct Contributory Support missions with state-of-the-art communications.

The current 28 connectivity sites are:

    (1) NC ARISCFT Sherdian, IL
    (2) NE ARISCFT Dix, NJ
    (3) NE ARISCFT Gillem, GA
    (4) SW ARISCCamp Bullis, TX
    (5) W ARISCCamp Parks, CA
    (6) Ft Lewis, WA
    (7) Denver, CO
    (8) Draper, UT
    (9) Phoenix, AZ
    (10) Minneapolis, MN
    (11) Pittsburgh, PA
    (12) Dallas, TX
    (13) New Orleans, LA
    (14) Ft Campbell, KY
    (15) Memphis, TN
    (16) Detroit, MI
    (17) Columbus, OH
    (18) Jacksonville, FL
    (19) Willow Grove, PA
    (20) South Weymouth, MA
    (21) Ft Devens, MA
    (22) Little Rock, AR
    (23) Camp Pendleton, CA
    (24) Norfolk, VA
    (25) Quantico, VA
    (26) Whidbey Island, WA
    (27) Orlando, FL
    (28) Birmingham, AL

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