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Secondary Imagery Dissemination Systems

Electronic imagery dissemination involves the transmission of imagery or imagery products by any electronic means. This includes:

  • Primary Imagery Dissemination System -- The equipment and procedures used in the electronic transmission and receipt of un-exploited original or near-original quality imagery in near-real time.

  • Secondary Imagery Dissemination System -- The equipment and procedures used in the electronic transmission and receipt of exploited non-original quality imagery and imagery products in other than real or near-real time.

Secondary Image Dissemination is the process of post-collection electronic dissemination of Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence (C3I) digital Imagery and associated data, over a time interval ranging from near-real time to a period of days, at a level of quality determined by receiver requirements. Secondary Imagery Systems (SIDS) are used by the Intelligence Community and other government agencies to transmit secondary images, facsimile messages, etc., in tactical and strategic environments.

US Marine Corps Secondary Imagery Dissemination System (SIDS) collect, transmit, receive, and exploit current and archived imagery products electronically throughout the MAGTF (adjacent/higher) using available communications paths. They support intelligence, weaponeering, and targeteering for air and ground forces. SIDS provide means to transmit and receive exploited imagery

There are two USMC versions: Intelligence Analysis System (IAS) hosted variant, and a manpack variant. IAS variant consists of the input/output peripherals and software to process imagery from various sources and disseminate imagery to MAGTF elements or National assets. IAS hosts the system and will interface with other C4I systems through resident IAS communication links. Manpack SIDS variant is self-contained, comprised of a base station and an out station. MAGTF SIDS: (MANPACK SIDS, OUT STATION) Digital Camera, day and night lenses/image intensifier, Lightweight Digital Image Processor. (MANPACK SIDS BASE STATION) Lightweight Digital Image Processor, keyboard, modem. (IAS Hosted system) Large Format Color / Black and White Printers, Flat-bed Image-quality Scanners, IAS suite with imagery software, Electronic light table (ELT3000), Paragon Imaging Inc.

MARCORSYSCOM is the program manager. The Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity (MCTSSA) is responsible for software management. Versions of SIDS exist with all service components. Primary variable between SIDS variants is degree of graphic manipulation and transmission requirements, as well as quantity of information and level of security classification required.

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