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Digital Topographic Support System/Quick Response Multicolor Printer (DTSS/QRMP)

Combat commanders at all levels need timely and accurate terrain information about the battlefield if they hope to control the action upon it. There also is a need for quick turnaround, full map-sized, multicolor reproduction of this topographic information to support mission planning and the commander's decision making. Combining the functionalities of the DTSS and QRMP into a downsized configuration will provide the commanders an automated process for the intelligence preparation of the battlefield. The DTSS/QRMP is using the latest commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology relating to printers, scanners, digitizing, and computer work stations with associated image processing software. The system will be integrated into a lightweight multipurpose shelter (LMS) mounted on the High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV). The DTSS/QRMP will be supported by environmental control units, generators and communication equipment that is part of the standard Army inventory.

The DTSS/QRMP will be a standard, automated, tactical combat support system capable of receiving, (re)formatting, creating, manipulating, merging, updating, storing and retrieving digital topographic data, then reproducing these data into hard-copy topographic products. The DTSS/QRMP will accept topographic and multi-spectral imagery data from Defense Mapping Agency (DMA) standard digital data bases and other sources. Products that can be generated on the DTSS/QRMP include environmental threshold and impact statements, line-of-sight or terrain-perspective views, bridge and route classification, potential river-crossing sites, potential avenues of approach, and cross-country movement.

Oversight is provided by the Program Executive Officer for Command, Control and Communications Systems (PEO C3S), project management is provided by the Project Director, Combat Terrain Information Systems (PD CTIS). The combat developer/user representative is the U.S. Army Engineer School. The U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command is the materiel readiness support command.


The DTSS/QRMP program is in the engineering and manufacturing development (EMD) stage. Two prototype systems (LMS/HMMWV) are being fabricated and software development and integration efforts are ongoing.

DTSS/QRMP Production--1QFY98

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