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Joint Tactical Terminal - Hybrid
AN/USR-6 JTT/H-R3 Hybrid receive only
AN/USC-55 JTT/H3 Hybrid
AN/USC-55 Commanders' Tactical Terminal

The Joint Tactical Terminals (JTT) and the Commander's Tactical Terminal (CTT) provide the joint war-fighter with near-real-time tactical intelligence and targeting information. The terminals supply the critical data link to battle managers, intelligence centers, air defense, fire support and aviation nodes across all services. The terminals allow Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps users to exploit Integrated Broadcast Service (IBS) networks: Tactical Reconnaissance Intelligence eXchange Service (TRIXS), Tactical Information Broadcast Service (TIBS), Tactical Related Applications (TRAP), and Tactical Data Information eXchange System-B (TADIXS-B). In addition to receiving intelligence data, JTT and CTT transmit TRIXS or TIBS data. The CTT and other IBS terminals are migrating to a single JTT family.

The JTT3 has 2 system configurations: JTT/H3 & JTT/H-R3. The JTT/H3 is a full duplex terminal that consists of 2 Line Replaceable Units(LRU): a Red/Black Processor(RBP) and a Radio Reciever/Transmitter(RRT). The JTTH3 is configurable to operate in the TRIXS network as a relay terminal, a full duplex Field Terminal, or an Airborne Relay Terminal in the EP-3 Storyteller System. It can also operate as a Master, Manager, Data Provider or Query Terminal in the TIBS network or as a full duplex or half-duplex General Purpose Link(GPL) for Army Secondary Dissemination(SID), while simultaneously receiving 2 channels of TRIXS, TIBS, GPL-SID, TDDS, and/ or TADIXS-B. The JTT/H-R3 is a receive only version of the JTT/H3. The JTT/H-R3 is configurable to simultaneously receive 3 channels of intelligence data from TRIXS, TIBS, GPL-SID, TDDS and TADIXS-B in any combination.


  • Components:
    • Communications Terminal
    • Red/Black Processor
    • Radio rcvr/xmtr (RRT)
    • Host Processor(user provided)
    • Antenna array(user Provided)
  • Flexibility:
    • Mobile operations
    • Mountable in:
      • fixed/rotary wing aircraft
      • track/wheeled vehicles
  • 19 in. Rack mountable
  • Uses full ATR chassis
  • Transmit/Receive:
    • SECRET & SCI level
    • NRT data & voice
  • Secondary Imagery Capable
  • 3 channels TRIXS/TIBS/TDDS/
    TADIXS-B/GPL simultaneously
  • Embedded COMSEC
  • Built in EP function
  • 1/2 duplex voice
  • Full duplex digital data
  • Deployed to AVN, ADA, FA & MI at all echelons
  • Integrated into GSM/CGS, ASAS, ETRAC, THAADS,
    PATRIOT, JTAGS, Trojan Sprit,
    AFATDDS, and other multi-service systems

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