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PRIVATEER is a Naval Special Operations Force [NAVSOF] Special Operations Command [SOCOM] Special Program conducted with Naval Security Group Command. The Ship's Signals Exploitation Equipment [SSEE] is using the same hardware and software as Cryptologic Carry-on Program's Advanced Cryptologic Carry-on Exploitation System (ACCES), and some common hardware and software with PRIVATEER. For example, SSEE is using the same Spectrum Analyzer, Radio Frequency Management System (RFMS) hardware as PRIVATEER. In addition, SSEE is using PRIVATEER's Local Monitoring System (LMS) and PRIVATEER will use SSEE's Core Digital Signal Processing (CDSP) software. The Information Warfare section of COMOPTEVFOR performs Operational Test and Evaluation for ashore and afloat information warfare systems, such as AN/SLQ-32A(v) systems, AIEWS, NULKA Active Electronic Decoy, Giant IR Decoy, RAIDS, COBLU, COMBAT DF, BGPHES/CHBDL, SSEE, OPINTEL, TACINTEL, Privateer, and all UAV programs.

PRIVATEER is part of an evolutionary signal intelligence system migration and acquisition program that provides a permanent full spectrum Radar and Communications Early Warning capability aboard Cyclone-Class Patrol Coastal (PC) and the MK V Special Operations Craft (SOC). The PC configuration is confined to the electronic surveillance mission area, while the MK V SOC configuration has been expanded to include an electronic attack capability for self-defense. A subset of the Joint Threat Warning System, PRIVATEER hosts a common software architecture that controls a variety of hardware modules designed to satisfy the unique platform requirements of each ship class. System configuration provides the equipment necessary to monitor and provide direction finding on radar and communications signals of interest. Also provides broadcast threat warning capability. Architecture is Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System/Joint Maritime Communications and Intelligence Support System compliant with UNIX-based software.

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