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Tactical Ground Intercept Facility (TGIF)

The Air Force Tactical Ground Intercept Facility (TGIF) is the core of the U-2 reconnaissance program's ground station. Air Force-developed TGIF Government-Off-the-Shelf (GOTS) software and Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) hardware was re-used in the Navy's Battle Group Passive Horizon Extension System Acquisition Receiving Subsystem - Surface Terminal (BGPHES ARS-ST). TGIF software was rehosted into the Navy's DTC-2/TAC-4 computers. Use of this concept allowed the Navy to redirect the previously-unsuccessful 13-year effort to develop a customized system. A more robust and capable system was developed which required only nine months to adapt for a successful demonstration and saved the taxpayers more than $13 million. The prime contractor suggested the reuse of components of the Air Force TGIF program developed to meet a similar operational requirement for real-time ground connectivity with airborne reconnaissance assets. The USAF software was successfully rehosted into a smaller marinized Navy system, passed all operational testing. The program reused over 400,000 lines of code (80% of the total) developed by another service for a fixed, ground-based system for use in a mobile shipboard environment. This approach allowed the Navy both to reuse existing code and to radically shorten the development cycle (and saved at least two more years of development time), thus ensuring deployment of current information technology capabilities.

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