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Multi-source Intelligence Ground System (MIGS)

Multi-source Intelligence Ground System (MIGS) will receive, process, exploit, and disseminate multi-intelligence (multi-INT) data from spaceborne, airborne, and surface sensors. MIGS will baseline all Combatant Air Force [CAF] fixed and deployable intelligence ground systems to a common commercial/government off-the-shelf (COTS/GOTS) hardware and software standard. The commonality and interoperability provided by MIGS will allow intelligence units to distribute operations across the CAF, as required. Deployable assets will be modular and scaleable to satisfy specific intelligence needs and theater requirements. Initial plans for the development of MIGS include the incorporation of the Contingency Airborne Reconnaissance System (CARS), the Joint Service Imagery Processing System (JSIPS), JSIPS-Augmentation (JSIPS-A), the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Exploitation System (UES), and the Theater Airborne Reconnaissance System's (TARS) Digital Photo Lab (DPL) assets and capabilities into an integrated suite of shelterized and transit-cased deployable systems.

Major advantages include:

  • Will comply with Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office (DARO)-directed Common Imagery Ground/ Surface System (CIGSS) and Joint SIGINT Avionics Family (JSAF) standards.
  • Will provide CAF commanders with truly multi-INT ground systems.
  • Will reduce costs of multiple, independent system upgrades.
  • Will allow CAF-wide distributed operations through system interoperability and commonality.
  • Employment flexibility allows deployed operations or in-garrison support via reachback.

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