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Joint Service Imagery Processing System - Augmentatiom [JSIPS-A]

Joint Service Imagery Processing System Augmentation [JSIPS-A] was developed by 612th Air Communications Squadron, 12th Air Force, at Davis-Monthan AFB, along with Headquarters Air Combat Command, at Langley AFB, Va. The JSIPS-A mission is to provide imagery intelligence to Combat Air Force warfighters and unified command and control nodes in peace, crisis, and war. This provides the warfighter with a flexible and responsive imagery exploitation resource. In addition to normal peacetime operations, this mission includes support of the Joint Force Air Combat Command from garrisoned or deployed locations as well as other contingency and training missions tasked by ACC or 12th AF commanders.

Operated by the 612th Air Intelligence Squadron, the operational mission of JSIPS-A is to receive, exploit, archive, and disseminate national imagery acquired from 480th Air Intelligence Group, Langley AFB, via a remote tape processor.

JSIPS-A is the product of the Combat Air Forces Intelligence community's vision to migrate closed-system architecture to modular "plug and play" environments that implement common imagery ground surface/system standards through commercial off the shelf/government off the shelf based architecture. Imagery for the workstations is uploaded from a tape to a Sun 1000 server. Products are made available to customers through both an SCI and collateral Demand Driven Direct Digital Dissemination server. The Sensitive Compartmented Information server is connected to the Fiber Digital Data Interface LAN or a collateral server fed by 8mm tapes.

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