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Digital Imagery Workstation Suite (DIWS)

An integral element in the mission planning of the Tomahawk cruise missile, the Digital Imagery Workstation Suite (DIWS) is a state-of-the-art, stereoscopic, high-performance imagery processing and exploitation system. Designed to generate the Digital Scene Matching Area Correlation (DSMAC) reference scenes used by Tomahawk to achieve it's precision accuracy, DIWS is currently operational in an ashore configuration at both CMSALANT and CMSAPAC, and will be operational in an afloat configuration on-board all carriers. It is also scheduled to go aboard amphibious assault ships (LHAs and LHDs) and in five Rapid Deployment Suites for contingency operations. Developed for PEO (CU) PMA-281, DIWS accepts and stores, on-line, large volumes of image data from tactical and national sources as well as commercial multispectral imaging sources. The data is rectified "on the fly"and is provided simultaneously to multiple workstations so that operators experience no data access delays.

DIWS photogrammetrically "ties" several images together to extract data and information with a high degree of absolute and relative accuracy.

In the Navy's afloat architecture, DIWS functionality has been enhanced to satisfy the Navy Joint Service Imagery Processing System (JSIPS-N) requirements. As such, it will serve as the Navy's imagery engine afloat facilitating a true sensor-to-shooter concept by providing imagery products in near real-time to support all Navy strike mission planning and rehearsal requirements. DIWS is currently in production at GDE Systems, Inc.


  • All source, stereoscopic imagery exploitation
  • Precision and accuracy required for PGMs
  • Near real-time intelligence data receipt and screening
  • Interfaces to all major operational imagery, intelligence and planning systems
  • Interconnect to shipboard data bases
  • Single rack workstation
  • Perspective scene generation for "smart weapons", mission rehearsal and fly-through
  • Functions
    • Free roam
    • Continuous rotation
    • Radiometric corrections
      • Contrast
      • Brightness
      • Filtering


  • Processors
    • Two VAX 4000
    • Three VAX 3500
    • Twenty-six Motorola 68030
    • Three Mercury Array Processors
    • Nine bit-slice processors
    • One hundred forty custom circuit boards
    • Sixty-seven COTS circuit boards
  • Disk Drives
    • Disk Stack (48)
    • Computers (20)
    • Workstations, 2 ea (6)
    • SIS (2)
  • Software
    • Ada (97%)
    • FORTRAN/C/Assembly (3%)
  • Executable Lines Of Code: 909K
  • Processing Power: 163,134 MOPS
  • On-Line Storage: 152 GigaBytes
  • Off-Line Storage: RSP-2150 Cassettes @ 12GB per tape

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