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Mission Verification System (MVS)

The is an Air Force squadron level affordable COTS system to validate mission results, to provide pilot feedback, and to assess sensor performance. MVS also can be used with other tactical reconnaissance aircraft missions such as the Advanced Tactical Air Reconnaissance System (ATARS).

Deployed with various elements of the tactical reconnaissance community, MVS maximizes currently available technology through a modular concept with little developmental hardware (NDI).

In December 1990, Commerce Business Daily (CBD) published a Request For Information (RFI) was seeking sources to integrate commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) image processing systems with various input media. Requirements included an open systems architecture to facilitate ready integration of a variety of user systems with modular and easy expansion. The RFI further indicated that Because of the rapid evolution of COTS, the RFI noted that numerous imaging processing systems might apply to this requirement.

Desert Shield and Desert Storm added increased emphasis to the requirement for reliable tactical intelligence. Though the war impacted the MVS acquisition schedule it also highlighted the need for quality, timely, and effective tactical intelligence.

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