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Ops/Intel Workstation [OIW]
Trusted Workstation [TWS]

The Trusted Computer Solutions Ops/Intel Workstation (OIW, aka Trusted Workstation or TWS) is a tool designed for the analyst or planner who requires access to, or desires to share, information from multiple sources at different security levels. The OIW has been adopted as a core technology by the Defense Information Systems Agency Multilevel Security (DISA MLS) Program Office, the Joint Deployed Intelligence Support System (JDISS) Program Office, and the Army All Source Analysis System (ASAS) Program Office.

The TCS OIW provides a number of capabilities for the access and sharing of for collaboration and information sharing, rather than as a release workstation (although this functionality is an integral component of the system). The TCS OIW has the ability to operate at and connect to a number of different security domains simultaneously.

The system accreditation range is from Top Secret SCI down to Secret Releasable, when the highest level of system connectivity is Top Secret. The system can also be configured at Secret high, in which case the lowest security level can be Sensitive But Unclassified. OIW is the default selection to meet requirements for a workstation capability that connects between the SIPRNET and any lower level networks, such as Coalition/Allied/NATO or unclassified networks such as NIPRNET or the Internet.

Current OIW Sites

Site Number of Systems Number of Networks Version Location
USACOM 10 4 2.1c AIC, Norfolk
USPACOM 6 2 (expanding to 4) 2.1b JICPAC/Camp Smith
USSOCOM 5 2 2.1c McDill AFB
USEUCOM 1 2 2.1c JAC, Molesworth
JTASC 6* 4 2.1c Suffolk, VA
MCIA 1 2 2.1b ONI, Suitland, MD
ONI FILO 12 2 2.1b ONI, Suitland, MD
JIATF West 2 2 2.1a Alameda NAS
III Corps 1 2 (expanding to 3) 2.1b Ft. Hood, TX

Near Term OIW Installations

Site Number of Systems Number of Networks Tentative Date
USCENTCOM 4 2 September 1997
USSOUTHCOM 56** 2 August 1997
DoD Agency 2 2 July 1997
USEUCOM 10 7 October 1997
US Forces Japan 4 3 July 1997
US Forces Korea 4 3 July 1997
USTRANSCOM 6 2 September 1997

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