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Air National Guard (ANG) Ground Exploitation System (GES)

The Ground Exploitation System processes and exploits imagery collected by F-16s flown by the Air National Guard's 192 Fighter Wing. The F-16s carry a pod mounted electro-optical camera that records images on tape. Imagery analysts use the Ground Exploitation System to manipulate digital imagery to provide timely and responsive imagery products to warfighters.


  • Integrated sensor data, imagery manipulation software, and dissemination systems in four months
  • Guaranteed imagery products comply with Common Imagery Ground Surface System (CIGSS) standards
  • Ensures interoperability of joint forces deployed worldwide
  • Supported successful operational test at Air Warrior exercise at Nellis AFB
  • Supported successful deployment to Europe
  • System provided near-real time imagery to combat commanders in the field
  • Providing valuable lessons learned for future tactical reconnaissance systems


  • System fine being accomplished
  • Second CIGSS Workstation being completed

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