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The NEWSDEALER (formerly STREAMLINER) communications system switch provides SIGINT products to a variety of users, including the Army All Source Analysis System and various Navy Security Group Command spaces.

The Department of Defense is transitioning from the current DOD message systems, including the NEWSDEALER system, to the Defense Message System (DMS) architecture, with Transition Plans based on the DMS Target Architecture and Implementation Strategy (TAIS). The major objectives of the DMS program are to:

  • Eliminate the differences that exist today between the DoD message systems.
  • Provide standard message services for all users through automation with the goal of desktop-to-desktop service.
  • Reduce the costs associated with the current message systems and eliminate duplication of effort in the development of new systems.
  • Provide the warfighter with secure multi-media messaging services providing global connectivity and interoperability.

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