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Intelink, which began testbed operation in 1994, is both an architectural framework and an integrated intelligence dissemination and collaboration service providing uniform methods for exchanging intelligence among intelligence providers and users. The Intelink framework conforms to the future direction of the National Information Infrastructure (NII). The Intelink service was patterned after the Internet model in which a variety of institutions have come together in the context of a global network to share information.

Intelink was declared "the strategic direction for all intelligence dissemination" DEPSECDEF Deutch and DCI Woolsey in August 1994, and is part of an overall effort to reduce duplication among the various agencies and services, enhance interoperability, modernize systems, and leverage the impressive developments by the commercial sector in the multimedia computing and communications fields.

The IntelLINK intelligence network links information in the various classified databases of the US intelligence agencies (e.g. FBI, CIA, DEA, NSA, USSS, NRO) to facilitates communication and the sharing of documents and other resources.

Per direction from the Department of Defense Intelligence Information System (DoDIIS) Systems Integration Management Office (SIMO) and Engineering Review Board (ERB), every DoDIIS migration system program management office (PMO) must maintain a WWW homepage.

Intelink is set of COTS internet tools (Mosaic browsers and servers) along with policies and procedures that have become institutionalized on the classified networks (SIPRNET and JWICS, formerly DSNET1 and DSNET3). There were over five doszen official web servers on JWICS as of mid-1995.

Intelink components include:

  • Intelink-U (formerly known as the Open Source Information System (OSIS)
  • Intelink-S
  • Intelink-SCI
  • Intelink-P
  • Intelink-C

Intelink-S (and C2-link) Intelink-S, the secret-level variant of Intelink, has begun to expand rapidly in scope and reach. As the intelligence support medium for GCCS [Global Command and Control System] and law enforcement activities, Intelink-S is expected to become the principal growth area for intelligence products and services. Its customer base will be extraordinarily diverse, eventually encompassing all areas of U.S. government operations that can benefit from integrated intelligence support and collaboration.

Intelink URLs take the form of


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