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SENIOR TROUPE is a deployable 9th Air Force asset. Assigned Electronic Warfare (EW) support assets are under the OPCON of the Air Force component commander. Electronic Attack (EA) assets assigned to subordinate units (wings and squadrons) may include specialized aircraft such as the EC-130H (COMPASS CALL), EF-111A (RAVEN), and F-4G (WILD WEASEL). Electronic Support (ES) specific aircraft and ground systems include the C-130H (SENIOR SCOUT), RC-135V/W (RIVET JOINT), U-2R, and SENIOR TROUPE.

The AN/AIC-38(V)2 Senior Troupe System is comprised of 1 CCU and 3 COMM CSUs and 11 Collection/Analyzer CSUs. Some features of Senior Troupe System are 3 to 6 WB Crypto Switching - can use any of three KY devices for any of 6 Transceiver devices, and 9 Line interfaces for Modems.

The Exploitation Cell is the funnel for all unexploited intelligence coming into the CID. Liaison officers from external intelligence agencies will reside in the Exploitation Cell. This cell operates the emergency response special security office (ERSSO), the tactical electronic processor (TEP), SENIOR TROUPE, and Joint Service Imagery Production System (JSIPS) and provides the following services: (1). Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) the CID resides in. (2). Direct SIGINT support and COMSEC surveillance support. (3). Near real-time updates from all-source collection efforts. (4). Communicates with selected airborne collection platforms. (5). Theater cryptologic support. (6). Analysis of imagery intelligence and first phase battle damage assessment (BDA). (7). Liaison with the Contingency Airborne Reconnaissance System (CARS).

Radiant COAL is a joint effort, in conjunction with the Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Special Operations Command (CINCSOC), to improve methods for disseminating critical "eyes on target" information collected by Special Forces in near-real-time. Injection methods used to date have included STU III and a TIBS Interface Unit at a Senior Troupe which was co-located with JSOTF. Tactical Information Broadcast Service [TIBS] provides a capability to disseminate correlated, time-sensitive tactical information to joint operational users via UHF broadcasts from aircraft or fleet satellite communications system (FLTSATCOM). Current sources of data can include RC-135 Rivet Joint, JSTARS, AWACS, SENIOR TROUPE, SENIOR SCOUT, etc.

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