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Chariot S-Band Terminal

Chariot is a portable S-Band satellite terminal designed for use with the Mission 22 (M-22) transponder. The Chariot is designed to support the Army's tactical mission by receiving, processing, and disseminating intelligence data obtained from national sources. This system provides a capability for transmission of large imagery files to forward deployed TENCAP elements independent of traditional communications links. These files can be transmitted from in-theater via an AEPDS van or from a fixed CONUS site. While the terminal's primary function is reception of imagery it is also used to transfer other data such as message traffic. The Chariot also has a low rate transmission capability used for acknowledgment and requests. In an Early Entry environment the only communications available to Army TENCAP may be organic radio frequency (RF) systems. The Chariot is envisioned to support both the receipt and dissemination of nationally derived data through immediate access to sources and satellite relay capabilities.

Chariot ís reduced size and weight enhances deployment with the most mobile of ground maneuver forces currently supported by Army TENCAP equipment. Chariot will support the following: (1) acquisition and distribution of secondary imagery products, (2) acquisition and distribution of nationally collected information, and (3) alternate-routing of messages and files. A design effort to increase transmit power and fix a water intrusion problem, including testing of two modified terminals, began in November 97. Following the acceptance of the design, the remaining Chariots were modified in FY98.

The CHARIOT SATCOM terminal is capable of receiving signals at data rates up to 1024 Kbps from Defense Meterological Support Program and LEO satellites. The terminal can receive signals at data rates up to 128 Kbps from HEO and GEO relay satellites. It is also specified to transmit at 9.6 Kbps, but may be capable of supporting higher data rates. The Chariot is self contained and requires no tools for assembly or operation. Both soft and hard transit cases are included for transporting the terminal, providing packaging within the 84 pound commercial airline baggage limits. The system consists of the following subsystems:

  • Transceiver Subsystem
  • Antenna Subsystem
  • Power Subsystem
  • Terminal Control Processing Subsystem
  • Associated Support Equipment

Deployed Units

ASPO has fielded 12 Chariot terminals, one to each of the active divisions (except 10th Mountain Div.), one with the XVIII Airborne Corps and one with the 513 TH MI BDE. ASPO also provides training and maintenance support to six deployed Marine Corps terminals. Currently the 82d's Chariot is deployed to Bosnia in support of Operation Joint Endeavor.

  1. 319 MI BDE - XVIII Airborne Corps
  2. 513 TH MI BDE
  3. 1st Armor Division 501st Military Intelligence Battalion (CEWI)
  4. 1st Infantry Division 101st Military Intelligence Battalion (CEWI)
  5. 1st Cavalry Division 312th Military Intelligence Battalion
  6. 2nd Infantry Division 102nd Military Intelligence Battalion
  7. 3rd Infantry Division - 103rd MI BN
  8. 4th Infantry Division 104th Military Intelligence Battalion
  9. 25th Infantry Division 125th Military Intelligence Battalion
  10. 82nd Airborne Division - 313th MI BN
  11. 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) 311th Military Intelligence Battalion

  12. USMC
  13. USMC
  14. USMC
  15. USMC
  16. USMC
  17. USMC

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