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Combat Intelligence Systems (CIS)

Combat Intelligence Systems (CIS) is an integrated Air Force intelligence data gathering and dissemination environment. Developed by the US Air Force, it uses a combination of commercial and government-developed applications including Sybase to perform its functions.

The CIS is the core capability for automating the receipt, correlation, and dissemination of intelligence information to operations systems directly supporting combat planning and execution of air operations throughout all phases of combat operations. It will support specific mission-oriented intelligence functions through various levels of CIS core applications. Core applications include office automation; communications; message/data processing (message handling); database management; imagery receipt, transmission, storage, and manipulation; targeting and weaponeering; and correlation.

The CIS will provide automated capabilities at both the component and unit levels to rapidly receive, correlate, manipulate, store, display, and disseminate data to ensure support to the development to the Air Tasking Order (ATO), air campaign planning and assessment, and battlefield evaluation. At the component level, CIS is the intelligence module within the Contingency Theater Automated Planning System (CTAPS) and is the intelligence feed to the Air Force Mission Support System (AFMSS) at the unit level.

CIS is currently undergoing integration with the Contingency Theather Automated Planning System (CTAPS) as part of the Theater Battle Management Core Systems (TBMCS), which is the system "core" hardware and software application tools used by the Joint Forces Air Component Commander (JFACC) and staff to plan and execute theater air operations. TBMCS physical elements include workstations running the core Contingency Theater Automated Planning System (CTAPS), Combat Intelligence System (CIS), Wing Command and Control System (WCCS), and Command and Control Information Processing System (C2IPS) software applications at various nodes of the Theater Air Control System (TACS).

CIS provides force-level and unit-level operations intelligence with a standards based ADP capability to support targeting, air operations plan development, ATO target development, situation awareness, threat assessment, mission planning support, battle damage assessment, reporting, and battle staff briefings. CIS provides intelligence data interface with JIC/J2, D/JTF, and weapons systems. CIS is based upon and will provide the functionality of

  • Intelligence Correlation Module (ICM)
  • Sentinel Byte (SB)
  • Constant Source (CS)
  • Rapid Application of Air Power (RAAP)

CIS assists Intelligence Analysts at NAF, Wing, or Squadron with production and distribution of threat information (DM), access to intelligence databases (DM), text and map query windows and edit capabilities, and access to near real time intelligence data (AA). CIS also assists targeteers at NAF, Wing, or Squadron (RAAP) with target development and nomination and battle Damage Assessment reporting.

Intelligence information is provided by numerous systems, including overhead assets processed outside the theater and provided via high capacity communication links. The Combat Intelligence System (CIS), as one of the TBMCS directed core capabilities, provides a single, automated, standard intelligence system that rapidly receives, correlates, stores, and disseminates intelligence data to the Force, Operational, and Unit level. Information is provided by numerous National and theater intelligence sources, in both raw and processed form, classified and accessible through CIS to appropriate user levels. This concept assumes that filtering processes and communications gateways do not impede the quality or speed of information available to the combat user.

As one of the TBM C4I core systems, CIS provides a single, automated, standard Air Force intelligence system that rapidly receives, correlates, stores, and disseminates intelligence data from a large number of multi-disciplined sources in support of combat decision making, battle planning, and mission execution processes at both the component and unit levels. At the component level, CIS is an integrated element of the Air Operations Center and also provides automated intelligence support to the ASOC and wing and unit command centers. At the unit level, CIS provides timely intelligence information to support decision making and combat mission planning and execution in Control and Reporting Centers (CRC), Control and Reporting Elements (CRE), and combat units

CIS systems use Sybase relational database structures operating under the Sun Unix Operating System (OS), and are hosted on Sun SPARC workstations internetted in support of Sybase client-server operations over TCP/IP ethernet Local or Wide Area Networks (LANs/WANs).

CIS features an Integrated Desktop with Automated Tools for:

  • Near Real Time order of battle (AA)
  • Message processing (MA)
  • Threat analysis and route planning (IMOM)
  • Image processing (5D, ELT, IPA)
  • Presentation graphics (Applix)
  • Word processing (Applix)
  • Electronic mail, banner, and chat (CCS)
  • System administration (CCS)
  • Intelink access (Netscape)

Recent improvements in the 1.2 release of CIS include:

  • CIS 1.2 added IPA Client, but retained 5D Integrated new, required capability while retaining familiar capability Provides transition period
  • CIS 1.2 moved to Common Desktop Environment (CDE) User interface easier to use once familiar with it New look and feel for CDE, AA, and RAAP
  • CIS 1.2 one mapping application - shared by all applications
  • CIS 1.2 IMOM interface simplified Previously a systems of systems approach Now shares data with map and databases

CIS connectivity includes AUTODIN, SIPRNET and TRE. CIS systems use Sybase relational database structures operating under the Sun Unix Operating System (OS) as well as the Sun Solaris OS, and are hosted on Sun SPARC workstations internetted in support of Sybase client-server operations over TCP/IP EtherNet Local or Wide Area Networks (LANs/WANs).

One hundred thirty -three CIS Automatic Associator (AA) TRE systems -- which processes formatted intelligence data -- have been deployed worldwide. Sixty -one systems have been upgraded to be TIBS capable and seventy -two remain to be upgraded. TIBS upgrade completion is projected for June 97.

TRE ECP 26, which incorporates TDIMF into the message processor firmware of the TIBS Encryption Decryption Equipment (EDE) is scheduled for completion by the end of May 96. In addition, problem reports directed at the Tactical Smart Controller (TSC) are being corrected within this effort. Various efforts are underway to ensure the Depot at SA-ALC, Kelly AFB, TX is equipped to support the TRE system (including the TIBS upgrade). The Program Office originally planned to upgrade TRE processor S/W from version 9.03 to version 10.01 in the fall of 96. However, the TDDS (TRAP Broadcast) Program Office recommended the TRE system be upgraded immediately to version 10.0. A decision to deploy 10.0 is in coordination with ACC/INX and a fielding decision is expected soon.

Twenty -nine MATT units are to be integrated into a CIS Ground Receiver Suite. Each MATT unit is capable of receiving the TADIXS-B and TRAP broadcasts. The TIBS encryption decryption equipment will be integrated into the case next to the MATT unit. Assurance Technology Corporation currently has the CIS MATT units and is proceeding with system integration efforts. ACC/DRC and ACC/INX are evaluating the requirement to update the Tactical Smart Controller (TSC) software for compatibility with the CIS MATT unit. The Current TSC is unable to work with the MATT unit in the same way as the current TRE. Control of the MATT would be through a very limited TSC capability.

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