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AN/TSQ-156 Top Gallant
AN/TSQ-163 Top Gable / Top Graphic
Single Source Processor - SIGINT SSP-S
Single Source Processor - SIGINT (Product Improvement) SSP-S(PI)

The Single Source Processor - SIGINT [SSP-S] is a tactically deployed automatic data processing system which provides automated support for the Technical Control and Analysis Element (TCAE) signals intelligence mission at Echelon Above Corps (EAC).

The AN/TSQ-156 Top Gallant is comprised of two identical sets of sub-systems, each housed in a modified S-250 shelter mounted on M925 5-ton truck. Major software includes host s/w running on a VAX 4000 Communications Support Processor and Analyst Workstation software running on Sun Sparc 20's. There can be up to twenty remote workstations (AN/UYK-83) connected and up to 25 Sun Sparc 20's.

The AN/TSQ-163 Top Gable / Top Graphic is basically the same except it is configured in two ISO-20 shelters mounted on M871A2 semi-trailers. Applications software is functionally equivalent but configured to meet theater EAC TCAE requirements.

The Single Source Processor - SIGINT (Product Improvement) SSP-S(PI) provides theater commanders with a high capacity interactive SIGINT processing system, in lightweight transit cases, capable of rapid contingency deployments. The SSP-S(PI) interfaces with national, other theater, and corps intelligence systems via record traffic and file transfer data circuits and accommodates rapid exchange and processing of large volumes of SIGINT data. There are three fielded SSP-S(PI) systems: one at the 513th Military Intelligence (MI) Brigade (BDE), 201st MI Battalion (BN) at Fort Gordon, GA; one at the 66th MI BDE, 204th MI BN at Augsburg, Germany; and one at the 501st MI BDE, 751st MI Bn at Camp Humphreys, Korea. The SSP-S(PI) is located at the EAC analysis and control element (ACE) or its equivalent in the MI brigade. It is an interim system, scheduled to be replaced during Block II ASAS fielding.

    		AN/TSQ-156	AN/TSQ-163
    		Top Gallant	Top Gable
    				Top Graphic
    Length 		14'		23.3'
    Width		 7.3'		 8'
    Height		 7.1'		 8.19'
    Weight		8,575 lbs	11,683 lbs.


  • Oct 88 Top Gallant delivered.
  • Mar 90 Top Graphic delivered.
  • Jul 90 Top Gable delivered.
  • Oct 93 Level II Transition from PM CAC to IMMC.
  • Oct 95 Top Graphic upgraded.
  • Feb 96 Top Gallant upgraded.
  • Jun 96 Top Gable upgraded.

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