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Tactical Exploitation Group [TEG]

The Tactical Exploitation Group [TEG], a Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) asset, consists of a Tactical Imagery Processing Systems (TIPS), a Tactical Exploitation System (TEXS), and a Tactical Datalink System (TDLS). These subsystems will be deployed in two or three S-788 shelters mounted on High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWVs) towing trailers (as required). The TIPS, developed from the commercially based MVS, will process and screen ATARS imagery received from mission tapes or datalink. The TEXS, a modified Intelligence Analysis System (IAS), will perform imagery exploitation on selected target imagery transmitted from the TIPS. Using its six workstations, located in an adjacent soft shelter, the TEXS will disseminate reconnaissance reports and exploited secondary imagery to the MEF IAS and/or subordinate IASs and the Marine Corps Imagery Support Unit (MCISU) via digital tactical backbone communication systems.

The requirement for the TEG responded to the United States Marine Corps (USMC) need for an affordable highly mobile Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) level imagery exploitation system that can receive, process, and exploit tactical imagery, and distribute the imagery to the MEG Intelligence Analysis System (IAS) and subordinate units in the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF).

The concept for the TEG leverages off the existing processing and screening capabilities of the R/IGS PGM developed Mission Verification System (MVS), which allows the operator to identify pre-planned or targets of interest recorded on Advanced Tactical Air Reconnaissance System (ATARS) mission tapes. The USMC Intelligence Analysis System (IAS) provides the MEF a centralized intelligence data fusion capability and can communicate with other IAS systems using a digital tactical backbone communication system. Integrated with an IAS, the MVS can transmit imagery intelligence products then to the MEF IAS for fusion and analysis with other intelligence data. Techniques are being studied to reduce the size and improve the mobility of tactical datalinks. These datalink systems receive and process ATARS imagery and theater Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery. Using the results of these modernization efforts, a tactical datalink will be integrated with the TEG to provide near real-time reception of ATARS and theater SAR imagery.


Upon IOC the TEG will deploy with the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) commander to provide Imagery for all aspects of operational planning. It will supply the commander and subordinate commanders with:

  • Orientation Imagery for tactical operations
  • Reference imagery for strike planning and deliberate targeting
  • Detection and location of targets of opportunity
  • Battle Damage Assessment (BDA) for restrike planning and Intelligence assessment

The TEG will send the exploited imagery intelligence via Trojan Spirit II to the MEF IAS where it will be fused with other relevant intelligence information.


  • Prototype completed in 1996
  • Integrating hardware/software
  • Three systems became operational in 1998

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