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Electronic Light Table [ELT]

Electronic Light Table [ELT] is an image viewing and manipulation system designed for users at every level. It exploits the NITF communication standard so that producers and consumers of imagery can have access to maximum target information. Images can be accompanied with text, graphics, video, audio and background data from other applications. Designed to be interoperable, reduce hardware costs, and minimize training, The Paragon ELT/4000 ALL-SOURCE is a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution that takes advantage of the latest advances in communication, internet and database technologies.

ELT can capture high quality still images from live video, enhance and edit them to highlight features for detailed analysis and share them between sites for informed decision making. Analysts annotate images, overlay text and graphics, such as Desired Mean Points of Impact (DMPIs), and then disseminate them over the local and wide area networks as required. Aerial or satellite images are geographically registered to provide latitude and longitude references for any selected point. Advanced mensuration permits measurement of detail, within images, and close-up analysis using high-magnification and zooming. The ELT 4000 was one of the first imaging systems to meet the National Imagery Transaction Format (NITF) standard and has achieved certification for NITF version 2.0.

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