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Theater Rapid Response Intelligence Package (TRRIP)

The TRRIP system is a user friendly, windows based, field proven, rapid prototype developmental system. The Theater Rapid Response Intelligence Package, the COTS-based tactical front end of the Defense Counterintelligence Integrated Information System (DCIIS). The system empowers deployed CI/HUMINT assets to provide force protection, risk analysis, and other CI related support to the JTF Commander, sustaining base or other senior decision makers across the spectrum of conflict. This system provides a CI/HUMINT capability for electronic data acquisition, dissemination, and transmission including digitized photograph transmission. The TRRIP system can interface/ communicate through the TROJAN SPRIT, INMARSAT, SINCGARS, MSE, DSN, and commercial telephone. TRRIP can communicate point-to-point using commercial communications but it is most successful when linked with a CI/HUMINT collateral LAN hub. The original collateral CI/HUMINT dial-up server is still being maintained by the 66th MI Bde in Augsburg, GE. TRRIP interoperability has also been demonstrated with ASAS WARLORD during block II which involves the integration of CI/HUMINT information to ASAS. TRRIP functional requirements are also under review by the present DOD CI Business Process Reengineering(BPR) effort which will provide a joint services dimension to the employment of the TRRIP concept.


  • Direct access into CI/HUMINT collateral LAN
  • Point to point communications using INMARSAT, Trojan Sprit, & telephone lines
  • Provides CI/HUMINT elements with collateral analytical products
  • Broadcast dissemination of information
  • Two-way data communications
  • Secure fax capability
  • Developmental:
    • Global Positioning System
    • Cellular Communications
    • Power Management
  • 486 notebook computer with CD ROM & removable hard drive
  • Standard equipment
    • Digital camera
    • Inkjet printer
    • Page scanner
    • STU-III
  • Main components > 50lbs - 2 man-portable cases

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