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Division Tactical Exploitation System (DTES)
TES Light

The Army Space Program Office [ASPO] was directed and funded by Army staff to develop a TES-variant to provide Mobile Integrated Tactical Terminal (MITT)-like capability for Division operations. DTES will maximize re-use of TES(F) subsystem development by migrating existing MITT functionality to operate on a subset of the TES hardware/software baseline. As an integrated system, DTES will receive signals and imagery intelligence data from various collectors, process the data, perform exploitation/analysis, and store and disseminate the data, Inherent throughout the system will be system management, communications, and security. The DTES will provide up to two operator workstations, be C-130 transportable and capable of stand-alone operations.

ASPO is working with TRADOC, the Intelligence School and users, through the existing TES IPT forum, to define DTES capabilities. Maximizing re-use of TES baseline allowed for development and fielding of DTES with development initiated in FY00, an IOC of DTES in FYO1 and an FOC of DTES in FY03. However, the DTES program was reduced by $17.8M in FY00, which unless restored will have a significant impact on the program. To accommodate this decrement, several options are being examined:

  • Upgrade selected MITT components to TES baseline; extend MITT lifecycle to FY04/05, and "Stretch out" developing and fielding of DTES through FY05. - or
  • Reduce number of DTES systems; field on a priority basis by FP designation

Supportability (hardware/software and funding) of existing MITT and FAST systems beyond FY 03 without major upgrade remains a significant issue.

This is one of a pair of systems in the early stages of development. The Division Tactical Exploitation system (DTES) and Tactical Exploitation System-Light meet the battlefield dynamics of TRADOC Pam 525-5 (FORCE XXI) and Army After Next. Army intelligence and electronic warfare (IEW) and intelligence preparation of the battlefield elements are required to provide timely intelligence and information in support of tactical operations, terrain and obstacle analysis, target development and acquisition, and post strike damage assessment to tactical commanders at all echelons. The DTES will provide the required capability to receive raw and processed imagery intelligence (IMINT), raw and processed measurement and signature intelligence (MASINT), and signals intelligence (SIGINT) information.

The TES-Light is a DTES equivalent that is fielded to armored cavalry regiments, separate brigades, Army special operations forces, and the U.S. Army Pacific, Echelon Above Corps Intelligence Center to meet their unique tactical requirements.

The D-TES/TES-Light will reformat, exploit, and rapidly disseminate correlated products to these elements. The DTES will be mounted and the TES-Light will be a manportable version. The DTES will provide up to two operator workstations, be C-130 transportable and capable of stand-alone operations. The DTES/TES Light will replace the Mobile Integrated Tactical Terminal (MITT) and the Forward Area Support Terminal (FAST).

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