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Joint Command and Control (JC2)

The Joint Command and Control capability (JC2) is a network-centric initiative that will replace the current family of Global Command and Control Systems (GCCS). It is a Pathfinder Program in the Joint Battle Management Command and Control Roadmap [JBMC2 Roadmap]. DOD plans to make JBMC2 programs Interoperable, Convergent, or Phased Out by 2008.

GCCS limitations stem from the fact that each military Service found it necessary to produce a tailored version of GCCS to support individual Service missions. This has led to limitations on a Task Force Commander's ability to use common applications, share data and coordinate planning activities, drawbacks that are most obvious when joint operations are being planned and executed.

For instance, the commander may want to plan a combined Army and Marine Corps land maneuver with Air Force close air support and supporting naval fire. Given the limitations of today's legacy systems, the three component commanders would use their own readiness data bases to assign the necessary forces, their own planning systems to develop routing and support logistics, and their own report-back systems to determine progress during execution. This arrangement forces the planning process into a series of coordinating iterations to ensure resources are at the right place and at the right time. This planning process consumes time and effort that could be better spent in maneuvering and attacking the enemy.

JC2 will provide an integrated, seamless, network-centric means to accomplish this task. It is being designed for the Joint Force Commander to address mission areas in complete packages, for example, situation awareness and force protection instead of Service-centric tasks such as field artillery support or air tasking order development.

It has been fully vetted within the Joint Staff's JCIDS process and the Department?s acquisition and program and budget processes to best ensure the most judicious use of C2 resources. Indeed, funding for the family of GCCS programs is the primary source for funding JC2. Moreover, the current block of GCCS programs is the last block and is being postured for the net-centric environment which will allow re-use of some of the GCCS applications in JC2.

The JC2 program demonstrates the Department's commitment to terminating legacy, Service-centric systems and reapplying their resources to joint systems that will operate in a network-centric environment.

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