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Anti-Drug Network (ADNET)

The Anti-Drug Network (ADNET) program supports collaboration among individuals and organizations operating in the counternarcotics arena. ADNET enables these organizations to link drug-related pieces of information using real-time secure communications, data sharing, and data analysis. Using ADNET separate agencies and military installations can share tactical intelligence, database information, photographs, and query results. ADNET's capabilities realize the mandate of the Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1989 and Defense Appropriations Act of 1990 which directed the Secretary of Defense to integrate into an effective communications network the command, control, communications, and technical intelligence assets of the United States that are dedicated (in whole or in part) to the interdiction of illegal drugs into the United States.

Booz·Allen & Hamilton provides systems development, data integration, field operations, and customer support for the ADNET program.

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