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Rapid Application of Air Power (RAAP)

Rapid Application of Air Power (RAAP) supports targeting functions at the AOC. Specifically, it is used to develop, weaponeer, and nominate situationally-relevant targets for attack by air force assets, and provides a fully developed, weaponeered, and prioritized Target Nomination List (TNL) for input into the Advanced Planning System (APS), a module within CTAPS, as part of the process which results in the daily Air/Integrated Tasking Order (ATO/ITO).

The Combat Intelligence Systems (CIS) Program is a combination of four related systems: Intelligence Correlation Module (ICM), Sentinel Byte, Constant Source, and Rapid Application of Air Power (RAAP). ICM and RAAP are integrated into CTAPS. Sentinel Byte and Constant Source are in turn integrated into ICM but are also installed as standalone, unit level, intelligence support systems.

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