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Forward Area Support Terminal (FAST)
Forward Area SID and TRAP - Improved (FAST-I)

The TENCAP architecture provides interfaces to most national systems, and several theater and tactical assets. Army TENCAP provides support to the division, armored cavalry regiments, and other specialty commands by the Forward Area Support Terminal (FAST). The FAST is an intelligence data processing system for divisions, separate brigades, ACR, and selected corps and EAC units. It is a smaller version of the MITT and operates at the collateral level.

The Forward Area Support Terminal is a transportable, modular, survivable, stand-alone, UNIX based multi-tasking system, capable of receiving secondary imagery. The system consists of seven downsized modules allowing for easy transport and mounting on a variety of vehicles and aircraft. The system includes a self-contained radio frequency (RF) subsystem, a processing subsystem, and communications subsystem. The FAST has a SUCCESS radio which provides stand-alone secure communications, capable of receiv-ing TRAP/TADIX-B, and transmitting and receiving via UHF SATCOM and point-to-point terrestrial communications. The FAST CSP is compatible with TROJAN, MSE, DIN/DSSCS, and all TENCAP systems. A TIBS capability was added to the FAST in FY94/95. The TENCAP Guard provides connectivity to JWICS and SIPRNET.

The integration of these subsystems allows seamless multi-source receipt, transmission and analysis of a wide range of products. The FAST provides ETUT functionality in a man-transportable, modular, survivable stand-alone multi-tasking system. FAST processes signals intelligence (SIGINT) data and intelligence received from other TENCAP systems. It provides security sanitization of the data it receives and also provides tailored reporting to its command. Products include intelligence reports, annotated imagery, and targeting data. The FAST system provides seamless multisource intelligence receipt, transmission, and analysis of a wide range of intelligence products from national, theater, and tactical collection assets.

The FAST will be replaced by the Division Tactical Exploitation System (DTES)/Tactical Exploitation System - Light (TES-Light).

Related Programs

The Forward Area Secondary Imagery Dissemination (SID) and Tactical Related Application (TRAP) - Improved (FAST-I) is a limited capability version of the MITT intended for corps, divisions, brigades and armored cavalry regiments not scheduled to receive a THMT or MITT. The FASTI receives, correlates, enhances, integrates, stores and disseminates ELINT products, IMINT reports and secondary imagery. The FASTI consists of seven manportable cases with a total weight of about 1,400 pounds. There is one Sun/UNIX workstation and includes a communications system processor, a grayscale image printer, a SUCCESS radio, a dedicated modem for imagery, a STUIII and cyrptologic equipment. The FASTI can interface with ETUT, EPDS, IPDS, MITT and THMT through landline, DSN, Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE) and UHF satellites. A generator or commercial power is required to power the components.

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