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National Security Space Road Maps (NSSRM) (U):
3A Airborne Receiver3A Airborne Receiver
3S Shipborne Receiver3S Shipborne Receiver
A/MWCAlternate Missile Warning Center (A/MWC)
AEOSAdvanced Electro-Optical System (AEOS)
AEOWSAdvanced Electro-Optical Warning Sensor (AEOWS)
AEPDSAdvanced Electronic Processing and Dissemination System (AEPDS)
AF Develop Test Center (AFDTC)Air Force Development Test Center (AFDTC)
AF Flight Test Center (AFFTC)Air Force Flight Test Center (AFFTC)
AFSATCOMAir Force Satellite Communications (AFSATCOM)
ALCORALCOR (ARPA Lincoln C-band Observable Radar)
ALERTAttack and Launch Early Report to Theater (ALERT)
ALTAIRAdvanced Research Project Agency (ARPA) Long-range Tracking and Identification Radar (ALTAIR)
AMOSAir Force Maui Optical Station (AMOS)
AN/SMQ-11AN/SMQ-11 Shipboard Receiving Terminal
AN/USC-38 (V)AN/USC-38 (V)
ARROWIsraeli Cooperative Project (Arrow)
Active ImagingActive Imaging
Active On-Board ProtectionActive On-Board Protection
Adv Narrowband Dig Voice TermnlAdvanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal (ANDVT)
Adv Wideband Satellite (AWS)Advanced Wideband Satellite (AWS)
Advanced EHFAdvanced Extremely High Frequency (EHF)
Advanced Laser ProgramsAdvanced Laser Programs
Advanced Upper StageAdvanced Upper Stage
Air Force Space Command (AFSPC)Air Force Space Command (AFSPC)
Airborne Integrated TerminalAirborne Integrated Terminal (AIT)
Airborne Laser Beam ControlAirborne Laser Beam Control Technology
Army Kinetic Energy Kill VehicleArmy Kinetic Energy Kill Vehicle
Army Space Program Office (ASPO)Army Space Program Office (ASPO)
Army Terminal Upg & RplArmy Terminal Upgrade and Replacement
Arnold Engineer Dev Cntr (AEDC)Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC)
Assessments and SurvivabilityAssessments and Survivabiltiy
Automated Comms Management SysAutomated Communications Management System (ACMS)
BI-STATIC GEO/MEO SBRBi-static Geosynchronous/Medium Earth Orbit (GEO/MEO) Space-Based Radar (SBR)
BI-STATIC GEO/UAV SBRBi-static Geosynchronous/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (GEO/UAV) Space-Based Radar (SBR)
BMEWSBallistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS)
Ballistic Missile ReplacementBallistic Missile Replacement (BMR)
BealePAVE Phased Array Warning System (PAWS) at Beale
Bi-Static RadarBi-Static Radar
C/NOFSCommunications/Navigation Outage Forecasting System (C/NOFS)
CAV for Military SpaceplaneCommon Aero-Vehicle (CAV) for Military Spaceplane (MSP)
CBM with Common Aero-VehicleConventional Ballistic Missile (CBM) with Common Aero-Vehicle (CAV)
CBM with MNNRVConventional Ballistic Missile (CBM) with Maneuverable Non-Nuclear Reentry Vehicle (MNNRV)
CCPDS-RCommand Center Processing and Display System Replacement (CCPDS-R)
CDFS IICloud Depiction and Forecast System II (CDFS II)
CEASECompact Environment Anomaly Sensor (CEASE)
CICCombined Intelligence Center (CIC)
CMU ProgramCheyenne Mountain Upgrade (CMU) Program
COMMUCommunications Upgrades (COMMU)
CRPA/AE-1Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA/AE-1)
CSOCConsolidated Space Operations Centers (CSOC)
CSSRCommunications Systems Segment Replacement (CSSR)
Cape CodPAVE PAWS (Phased Array Warning System) at Cape Cod
Challenge AthenaChallenge Athena
Chemical Laser TechnologyChemical Laser Technology
ClearBallistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS) at Clear
Clear UpgradeBallistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS) at Clear
Cloud Profiling SystemCloud Profiling System
Combat Survivor Evader LocatorCombat Survivor Evader Locator (CSEL)
Command Post Terminals (CPTs)Command Post Terminals (CPTs)
Commercial Sat Comms InitiativeCommercial Satellite Communications Initiative (CSCI)
Component DevelopmentComponent Development
DDSDefense Dissemination System (DDS)
DISA STEPDefense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Standard Tactical Entry Point (STEP)
DMSPDefense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP)
DSCS IIDefense Satellite Communications System (DSCS) II
DSCS IIIDefense Satellite Communications System (DSCS) III
DSCS Service Life Enhance ProgDefense Satellite Communications System (DSCS) Service Life Enhancement Program (SLEP)
DSPDefense Support Program (DSP)
DSP/NDSDefense Support Program(DSP)/Nuclear Detonation (NUDET) Detection System (NDS)
DUSD(Space)Deputy Under-Secretary of Defense (DUSD) for Space
Defense Advanced GPS ReceiverDefense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR)
Delta IIDelta II
Diego GarciaGround-Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance (GEODSS) at Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia GEODSS UpgradesGround-Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance (GEODSS) Upgrades at Diego Garcia
DoD Space Architect (See NSSA)DoD Space Architect
Dynamic SystemsDynamic Systems
EELV (HLV)Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) Heavy Lift Vehicle (HLV)
EELV (MLV)Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) Medium Lift Vehicle (MLV)
EELV Follow-OnEELV Follow-On
EHF Replenish SatExtremely High Frequency (EHF) Replenishment Satellite
EM Effects and HardeningElectromagnetic (EM) Effects and Hardening
EMATS-REmergency Message Automated Transmission System - Replacement (EMATS-R)
EPDSElectronic Processing and Dissemination System (EPDS)
ETRACEnhanced Tactical Radar Correlator (ETRAC)
ETUTEnhanced Tactical User Terminal (ETUT)
Eastern RangeEastern Range
EldoradoPAVE Phased Array Warning System (PAWS) at Eldorado Air Force Station (AFS)
Embedded GPS Inertial Nav. Sys.Embedded Global Positioning System (GPS) Inertial (EGI) Navigation System
Enhanced Manpack UHF TerminalEnhanced Manpack UHF Terminal (EMUT) (aka Spitfire)
FASTForward Area Support Terminal (FAST)
FLTSATCOMFleet Satellite Communications (FLTSATCOM)
FRPA./AE-4Fixed Reception Pattern Antenna (FRPA)/Antenna Electronics (AE-4)
Fleet EHF Package (FEP)Fleet EHF Package (FEP)
Future Space-Based RadarFuture Space Based Radar (SBR)
FylingdalesBallistic Missile Early Warning Radar System (BMEWS) at Fylingdales
GANS/JPALSGlobal Access Navigation Safety/ Joint Precision Approach and Landing System (GANS/JPALS)
GAS-1 CRPA/AEGAS-1Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA)/AE
GBS Phase IGlobal Broadcast Service (GBS) Phase I
GBS Phase IIGlobal Broadcast Service (GBS) Phase II
GBS TerminalsGlobal Broadcast Service (GBS) Terminals
GEODSSGround-Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance System (GEODSS)
GEOSATGeodetic/Geophysical Satellite (GEOSAT)
GEOSAT Follow-OnGeodetic/Geo-Physical Satellite Follow-on (GFO)
GOESGeostationary Operational Earth Satellite (GOES)
GPS Block IIANAVSTAR Global Positioning System(GPS) Block IIA
GPS Block IIFNAVSTAR Global Positioning System(GPS) Block IIF
GPS Block IIRNAVSTAR Global Positioning System(GPS) Block IIR
GPS Receiver Applications ModuleGlobal Positioning System (GPS) Receiver Applications Module (GRAM)
GPS VME Receiver Card (GVRC)GPS Versa Modula Eurocard (VME) Receiver Card (GVRC)
Ground-Based Interceptor (GBI)Ground-Based Interceptor (GBI)
Ground-Based Laser Beam ControlGround-Based Laser Beam Control Technology
Ground-Based Laser JammerGround-Based Laser Jammer
Ground-Based Radar PrototypeGround-Based Radar Prototype
HAWK Air Defense SystemHAWK Air Defense System
HI-CLASSHigh Performance CO2 Laser Radar (LADAR) (HI-CLASS)
Haystack LRIRHaystack Long Range Imaging Radar (LRIR)
IBSIntegrated Broadcast System (IBS)
ICBM EHF TerminalsIntercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) EHF Terminals
ICBM FOT&EIntercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Follow-On Test and Evaluation (FOT&E)
ISOONImproved Solar Observing Optical Network (ISOON)
ISOSSIntegrated Solar Observing Satellite System (ISOSS)
IUSInertial Upper Stage (IUS)
Improved Space Env. ModelsImproved Space Environment Models
Improved Spectral ImagerImproved Spectral Imager
Integrated Tech DemonstrationsIntegrated Technology Demonstrations
Ionospheric Effects on COMMIonospheric Effects on Communication/Navigation Systems
JMINI Control SystemJMINI Control System
JTMD BM/C3IJoint Theater Missile Defense (TMD) Battle Management/Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (JTMD BM/C3I)
JTMD M&SJoint Theater Missile Defense (TMD) Modeling and Simulation
JTMD MODSJoint Theater Missile Defense (TMD) Existing Systems Modifications (JTMD MODS)
JTMD T&EJoint Theater Missile Defense (TMD) Test and Evaluation (T&E) (JTMD T&E)
Joint Tactical Radio Syst (JTRS)Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS)
Kaena PointKaena Point
LEO Hard Kill ASATLow Earth Orbit (LEO) Hard Kill ASAT
LRDBTRLong Range Dual Band Transportable Radar (LRDBTR)
Lightwt Multi-band Sat TerminalLightweight Multi-band Satellite Terminal (LMST)
MEADSMedium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS)
MIDASMultiplexer Integration and DCSS (Digital Communications Satellite Subsystem) Automation System (MIDAS)
MIESModernized Imagery Exploitation System (MIES)
MM Guidance Replacement ProgMinuteman Guidance Replacement Program (GRP)
MM III Sustainment/DeactivationMinuteman (MM) III Sustainment/Deactivation
MM Propulsion Replacement ProgMinuteman Propulsion Replacement Program (PRP)
MONO-STATIC SBRMono-static Space Based Radar (SBR)
MOTIFMaui Optical Tracking & Identification Facility (MOTIF)
MSSSMaui Space Surveillance System (MSSS)
MSTIMiniature Sensor Technology Integration (MSTI)
Mark IVMark IV
Mark IV-BMark IV-B
MauiGround-Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance (GEODSS) at Maui
Maui GEODSS UpgradesGround-Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance (GEODSS) Upgrades at Maui
Mid-Course Space ExperimentMid-Course Space Experiment (MSX)
Military Space PlaneMilitary Space Plane
Millstone-HaystackMillstone Haystack
Millstone-Haystack AuxillaryMillstone-Haystack Auxillary
Milstar IMilstar I
Milstar IIMilstar II
Mini-Demand Assigned Mult AccessMini-Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA)
Miniature Airborne GPS Rec. 2000Miniature Airborne Onboard Processing (GPS) Receiver 2000 (MAGR-2000)
Miniaturized Airborne GPS Rec.Miniaturized Airborne Global Positioning System (GPS) Receiver (MAGR)
Missile Nav & Re-Entry VehiclesMissile Navigation and Re-entry Vehicles
Mobile Satellite Service (MSS)Mobile Satellite Service (MSS)
Modeling and SimulationModeling and Simulation
Modified Miniature Rec TerminalModified Miniature Receive Terminal (MMRT)
N/UWSSNORAD/USSPACECOM Warfighting Support System (N/UWSS)
NAVSPASURNavy Space Surveillance (NAVSPASUR)
NAVWAR Adv Concept Tech DemoNavigational Warfare (NAVWAR) Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD)
NBC DetectionNuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) Detection
NCMC-TW/AANORAD Cheyenne Mountain Complex (NCMC) Threat Warning/Attack Assessment
NEMONaval EarthMap Observer (NEMO) Program
NEMSSNational Environmental Monitoring Satellite System (NEMSS)
NMD BMC3 PrototypeNational Missile Defense Battle Management Command, Control, and Communications (NMD BMC3) Prototype
NMD X-Band RadarNational Missile Defense X-Band Radar
NPOESSNational Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System (NPOESS)
Natl Security Space ArchitectNational Security Space Architect (NSSA)
Naval Space Cmnd (NAVSPACECOM)Naval Space Command (NAVSPACECOM)
Navy Area DefenseNavy Area Defense
Navy Theater-Wide TBMDNavy Theater Wide Theater Ballistic Missile Defense System (TBMD)
Network Control Station (NCS)Network Control Station (NCS)
Network Operations UpgradesNetwork Operations Upgrades (NOU)
Optical C3 FacilityOptical C3 Facility
Optical Component TechnologyOptical Component Technology
OsanRF Surveillance Site at Osan
PAC-3Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3)
PARCSPerimeter Acquisition Radar Attack Characterization System (PARCS)
PAVE PAWSPAVE Phased Array Warning System (PAWS)
PK Sustainment/DeactivationPeacekeeper (PK) Sustainment/Deactivation
POESPolar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite (POES)
Passive ImagingPassive Imaging
Precision Lightweight GPS Rec.Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver (PLGR)
Propellant DevelopmentPropellant Development
RSA Phase 1Range Standardization and Automation (RSA) Phase 1
RSA Phase 2A/BRange Standardization and Automation (RSA) Phase 2A/B
RULLIRemote Ultra Low Light-level Imaging (RULLI)
Radiant BREEZERadiant BREEZE
Radiant COALRadiant COAL
Radiant COPPERRadiant COPPER
Radiant ELMRadiant ELM
Radiant FROSTRadiant FROST
Radiant GOLDRadiant GOLD
Radiant HAILRadiant HAIL
Radiant JADERadiant JADE
Radiant OAK IIRadiant OAK II
Radiant PINERadiant PINE
Radiant SILVERRadiant SILVER
Radiant STORMRadiant STORM
Radiant TINRadiant TIN
Radiant TOPAZRadiant TOPAZ
Range UpgradesRange Upgrades (RANGEU)
Remote OpticalRemote Optical
RobinsPAVE Phased Array Warning System (PAWS) at Robins
Rocket System Launch ProgramRocket System Launch Program
SABRSSpace and Atmospheric Burst Reporting System (SABRS)
SBIRS (High) NUDET PackageSpace Based Infrared System (SBIRS) (HIGH) Nuclear Exo-atmospheric Detonation (NUDET) PACKAGE
SBIRS HighSpace Based Infrared System (SBIRS) High
SBIRS-LowSpace-Based Infrared System - Low Earth Orbit (SBIRS-Low)
SCAMP TerminalSingle Channel Anti-Jam Man Portable (SCAMP) Terminal
SCC/ALTERNATE SCCSpace Control Center (SCC)/Alternate SCC
SCINDAScintillation Network Decision Aid (SCINDA)
SCISSurvivable Communications Integration System (SCIS)
SDINSpace Defense Interface Network (SDIN)
SETT ModelsSpace Environment Technology Transition (SETT) Models
SFIRSwept Frequency Interferometric Radiometer (SFIR)
SMART-TSecure Mobile Anti-Jam Reliable Tactical-Terminal (SMART-T)
SOBEDSSmall On-Board Environmental Diagnostic System (SOBEDS)
SP-Based Relocatable RF JammerSpace-Based Relocatable RF Jammer
SRBLSolar Radio Burst Locator (SRBL)
SSNIPSpace Surveillance Network Improvement Program (SSNIP)
STAR-TSHF Tri-Band Advanced Range-Extension Terminal (STAR-T)
STTSmall Tactical Terminal
STW&ARSSatellite Threat Warning and Attack Reporting System (STW&ARS)
SWATH ACTDSpace Weather and Terrestrial Hazards (SWATH) ACTD
SWIMERSolar Wind Interplanetary Magnetic Field Monitor and Energy Particle Real-time (SWIMER)
Satellite ControlSatellite Control
Science & Technology ExperimentsScience & Technology Experiments
Scintillation SatelliteScintillation Satellite
Semiconductor and Solid StateSemiconductor and Solid State Laser Technology
Shuttle OperationsShuttle Operations
Single Channel Transponder SysSingle Channel Transponder System (SCTS)
Small Aperture Telescope AugmentSmall Aperture Telescope Augmentation
Small RF VehicleSmall RF Vehicle
SocorroGround-Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance (GEODSS) at Socorro
Socorro GEODSS UpgradesGround-Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance (GEODSS) Upgrades at Socorro
Soil Moisture SensorSoil Moisture Sensor
Solar Mass Ejection ImagerSolar Mass Ejection Imager (SMEI)
Solar StereoSolar Stereo (NASA/NOAA/AFSPC)
Solar Wind SatelliteSolar Wind Satellite
Source ComponentsSource Components
Space Effects on Sat. Sys.Space Effects on Satellite Systems
Space PowerSpace Power
Space SensorsSpace Sensors
Space Test ProgramSpace Test Program
Space Warfare Center (SWC)Space Warfare Center (SWC)
Space Weather AnalysisSpace Weather Analysis
Space and Missile Systems CenterSpace and Missile Systems Center (SMC)
Space-Based Data RelaySpace-Based Data Relay (SBDR)
Space-Based Deep Space ImagerSpace-Based Deep Space Imager
Space-Based LaserSpace-Based Laser (SBL)
Space-Based RangeSpace-Based Range (SBR)
Spacecraft PropulsionSpacecraft Propulsion
Structural SystemsStructural Systems
TESTactical Exploitation System (TES)
THAADTheater High Altitude Air Defense (THAAD) System
TIBS/TDDSTactical Information Broadcast System/Tactical Related Application Data Distribution System (TIBS/TDDS)
TOS/ROSTransportable Optical System/Relocatable Optical System (TOS/ROS)
TRADEXTRADEX (Target Resolution and Discrimination Experiment)
TROJAN SPIRITTROJAN SPIRIT (Special Purpose Integrated Remote Intelligence Terminal )
TV Direct-To-Sailors (TV-DTS)Television Direct-To-Sailors (TV-DTS)
Tactical PropulsionTactical Propulsion
Talon WARRIORTalon WARRIOR (Direct Space Integration-DSI)
Target Acquisition for CombatTarget Acquisition for Combat Operations
Target Background DisseminationTarget-Background Discrimination for Surveillance
Technology InfrastructureTechnology Infrastructure
Terrestrial Weather Sensor UpgdsTerrestrial Weather Sensor Upgrades
ThuleBallistic Missile Early Warning Radar System (BMEWS) at Thule
Titan IITitan II
Titan IVATitan IVA
Titan IVBTitan IVB
UAV BPIUnmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Boost Phase Intercept (BPI)
UEWRUpgraded Early Warning Radars
UHF Follow-on (UFO)Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Follow-on (UFO)
UHF Next Generation SatelliteUHF Next Generation Satellite
US Army Space Cmnd (USARSPACE)United States Army Space Command (USARSPACE)
US Space Command (USSPACECOM)United States Space Command (USSPACECOM)
USAF Space BattlelabUSAF Space Battlelab
USNDSUnited States Nuclear Detonation Detection System (USNDS)
Universal Modem System (UMS)Universal Modem System (UMS)
Weapons ApplicationsWeapons Applications
Western RangeWestern Range
Wideband GapfillerWideband Gapfiller
Wind LIDAR ATDWind Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) ATD
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Last Road Map Update (U):

(U) 26 March 1999

(U) Road Map Production Date: (U) 26 March 1999

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