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Advanced Electronic Processing and Dissemination System (AEPDS) (U)

Overview (U):

(U) The Advanced Electronic Processing and Dissemination System (AEPDS) is the Army's newest generation of systems. The AEPDS receives and processes raw data from selected national sensors, stores processed data, and produces intelligence reports in support of Corps and selected Echelons Above Corps (EAC) Commanders. Addition-ally, AEPDS receives, processes and disseminates other selected intelligence reports and imagery products. The AEPDS has an exten-sive analytical capability and dual function of situation awareness and projection for current and future operations.

Description (U):

(FOUO) The AEPDS came on-line during FY 97. It physically and functionally combine EPDS (Electronic Processing and Dissemination System) and ETUT (Enhanced Tactical User's Terminal) in the ETUT van. AEPDS is a SIGINT and IMINT processor for data collected by national, theater, and corps sensors and a pre-processor for the MIES, MITT, and FAST.
(U) The Communications System Processor (CSP) consists of a SUCCESS radio which provides TIBS, TDDS, and TADIXS-B data. It is compatable with the TROJAN, MSE, DIN/DSSCS as well as other TENCAP systems.

User Impact (U):

(U) Provides Corps and EAC processor of national and theater intelligence and extensive communications with multiple SATCOM capabilities. AEPDS employs 3 Operatorsper shift.

Programmatics (U):

(U) Operational.

(U) Organizations and Funding:
  • (U) ASPO: Funding Source.

Images (U):

(U) None.

Related Initiatives (U):
EPDSElectronic Processing and Dissemination System (EPDS)
ETUTEnhanced Tactical User Terminal (ETUT)
FASTForward Area Support Terminal (FAST)
MIESModernized Imagery Exploitation System (MIES)
TESTactical Exploitation System (TES)
This Table Is Unclassified.

Related Requirements (U):None.

Related Categories (U):
Army TENCAPArmy Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities (TENCAP)
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Road Map Placements (U):

This Table Is Unclassified.

Requirements, Funding and Additional Hotlinks (U):

Army Space Program Office
This Table Is Unclassified.

Lead Office (U):

(U) Army.

Point of Contact (U):

(U) Army Space Program Office (ASPO), ASPO, Open Phone: (703) 275-5616, DSN 235-5616.

Date Of Information (U):

(U) 07 May 1998

(U) Road Map Production Date: 12 July 1999

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