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Combined Intelligence Center (CIC) (U)

Overview (U):

(U) The NORAD/USSPACECOM Combined Intelligence Center (CIC), located at Peterson Air Force Base, CO, is the primary intelligence data fusion center for space surveillance. The CIC fuses space intelligence data gathered by the Space Surveillance Network (SSN) (Space Object Identification, status, etc.), and outside intelligence data to be used to support the Space Surveillance Mission Area Tasks.

Description (U):

(U) The CIC also serves as a forward user as well as the gateway to other forward users of space intelligence data. Some of the CIC products are Mission Payload Assessment (MPA), Event Correlation, Object Status, Space Capabilities, and Threat Assessment. The CIC also processes the data to produce Battle Damage Assessment (BDA), Red and Gray Space Order of Battles (SOBs), and Overflight Warning.

(U) The CIC provides data and intelligence analyses to other intelligence centers, such as the National Air Intelligence Center (NAIC) and the Defense Special Missile and Astronautics Center (DEFSMAC), and to other users such as Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and the National Security Agency (NSA).

User Impact (U):

(U) Loss of this capability would have a significant impact on the Space Surveillance Network (SNN).

Programmatics (U):

(U) Operational.

(U) Organizations and Funding:
  • (U) USSPACECOM: Funding Source.

Images (U):

(U) None.

Related Initiatives (U): None.

Related Requirements (U):None.

Related Categories (U):
C2 and Data HandlingCommand and Control (C2) and Data Handling
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Road Map Placements (U):

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Requirements, Funding and Additional Hotlinks (U):

1997 Space Surveillance Dev Plan
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Lead Office (U):

(U) Air Force.

Point of Contact (U):

(U) Maj Mike LaPointe, NSSA, Open Phone: (703) 325-6422, DSN 221-6422.
(U) National Security Space Road Map Team, NSSA, Open Phone: (703)808-6040, DSN 898-6040.

Date Of Information (U):

(U) 10 November 1997

(U) Road Map Production Date: 12 July 1999

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