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Radiant COPPER (U)

Overview (U):

(U) Radiant COPPER is an attempt to tactically exploit continuous wave energy with national systems. Radiant COPPER will address both the detection of this energy and the ability of national systems to accurately geolocate such activity. Included in this effort is developing algorithms/systems that minimize the effects of Ionospheric propagation and related factors on signal detection and geolocation accuracy.

Description (U):

(U) There are currently two initiatives under Radiant COPPER:

- (U) Task A- Develop a prototype Tactical Regional Area Ionospheric Topography System (TRAITS). Under this effort, a time varying 3D description of the Ionosphere will be provided in near-real-time to existing national systems to correct geolocation measurements made from national systems. The TRAITS generates the time varying 3D specification of the Ionosphere based on real-time Ionospheric measurements made from satellite beacons.

- (U) Task B- Integrate a stand alone emitter geolocation system into a national system architecture (RF Emitter Geolocation via Exploitation of National Asset Technology (REGENT)). This effort will allow for expanded geographic and temporal coverage, and improved geolocation accuracy.

(U) Radiant COPPER is expected to eventually transition to the NRO for deployment and life cycle support. Sponsorship of TRAITS transitioned to NRO (SAO) on 1 Oct 1997.

User Impact (U):

(U) None.

Programmatics (U):

(U) Operational.

Images (U):

(U) None.

Related Initiatives (U): None.

Related Requirements (U):None.

Related Categories (U):
Navy TENCAPNavy Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities (TENCAP)
This Table Is Unclassified.

Road Map Placements (U):

This Table Is Unclassified.

Requirements, Funding and Additional Hotlinks (U):

(U) None.

Lead Office (U):

(U) Navy.

Point of Contact (U):

(U) Maj Mike LaPointe, NSSA, Open Phone: (703) 325-6422, DSN 221-6422.
(U) National Security Space Road Map Team, NSSA, Open Phone: (703)808-6040, DSN 898-6040.

Date Of Information (U):

(U) 04 September 1997

(U) Road Map Production Date: 12 July 1999

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