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Navy Training System Plans

NTSP - Approved
NTSP - Proposed
NTSP - Initial
NTSP - Draft

Navy Training System Plans - Approved

Updated December 23, 2002

NTSP Number Platform Date Status
A-50-8515B/A AN/USM-636 (V) Consolidated Automated Support System July 1995 Legacy
N75-NTSP-P-30-0101/A Airborne Mine Neutralization System October 2001 Approved
N75-NTSP-P-30-9902/A MK-105 Mod 4 Magnetic Minesweeping System April 2001 Approved
N75-NTSP-P-30-9903/A AN/AQS-14A Sonar Detecting Set April 2001 Approved
N78-NTSP-A-50-0001A/A MORIAH Program September 2002 Approved
N78-NTSP-A-50-0009/A Aviation Data Management and Control System March 2002 Approved
N78-NTSP-A-50-0010/A NAVAIR Aviation Special Skills Training Program February 2002 Approved
N78-NTSP-A-50-0011/A National Airspace System Modernization Program August 2001 Approved
N78-NTSP-A-50-0107/A C-9/DC-9 Logistics Aircraft October 2001 Approved
N78-NTSP-A-50-0109/A Airborne Expendable Countermeasures October 2001 Approved
N78-NTSP-A-50-0118/A C-26D Aircraft October 2002 Approved
N78-NTSP-A-50-8510/A Instrument Repair Program April 2002 Approved
N78-NTSP-A-50-8105C/A AIM-9M Sidewinder Missile System May 2002 Approved
N86-NTSP-A-30-9701A/A AN/SLQ-20B Countermeasures Set 29 JUN 2000 Approved
N86-NTSP-E-7115E AIMS MK XII IFF System 20 April 2000 Approved
N86-NTSP-S-30-9408A/P AN/UPX-34 (V) / AN/UPX-34A (V) Radar 18 April 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-0001/A MORIAH Program December 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-0005A A/F 37T-21 Aircraft Engine Component Test Stand October 2002 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-0006/A Air Surveillance and Precision Approach RADAR Control System March 2002 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-0007/A VH-3D Helicopter November 2001 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-0008/A VH-60N Helicopter November 2001 Approved
N78-NTSP-A-50-0106/A GBU-24 Low Level Laser Guided Bomb Hard Target Penetrator December 2001 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-0120/A C-130 Aircraft October 2002 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-7604G/A CH-53D and CH-53E Aircraft March 2001 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-7703H/A F/A-18 AIRCRAFT December 2001 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-7904C/A EA-6B Improved Capability Modification II December 1996 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-7904D/A EA-6B Improved Capability Modification (ICAP) II & III Aircraft March 2001 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8007C/A AIM-54 Phoenix Missile April 1999 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8008C/A AIM-7M/P Sparrow Missile System May 1998 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8101B/A AGM-88 Harm System 20 September 1999 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8105B/A AIM-9M Sidewinder Missile System (through AIM-9M-8) January 1997 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8110C/A A/S 32A Aircraft Carrier / Amphibious Assault Crash Crane June 1998 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8111C/A AIM-120 Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile June 1998 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8112B/A P-3C Update III Anti-Surface Warfare Improvement Program Aircraft July 1998 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8115D/A AN/ARC-182 (V) Radio Set 15 March 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8116B/A TS3846A/ASM-608 (V) Inertial Measurement Unit Test Set III 15 March 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8210D/A AV-8B Harrier II Weapon System September 2001 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8211B/A A/R/UGM-84D/F Harpoon Air Launched Missile System June 1996 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8305C/A AN/APX-100 (V) Transponder Set 29 March 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8308B/A C-2A Reprocured Aircraft October 1996 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8310D/A S-3B Aircraft February 2001 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8310D/A ADD 1 S-3B Aircraft ADDENDUM ONE to Approved NTSP February 2001 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8310D/A ADD 2 S-3B Aircraft ADDENDUM TWO to Approved NTSP [PDF] October 2001 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8311B/A The HELLFIRE Modular Missile System 15 March 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8404D/A Advanced Composite Material Repair Program May 2001 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8410B/A A/S32M-14 and A/S32M-17, Aircraft Maintenance Cranes 15 March 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8411B Tow Tractors June 1998 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8412D/A Joint Training System Plan for the V-22 OSPREY August 1999 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8417D/A MH-53E Helicopter February 2001 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8501B/A AGM-65E Laser Maverick Missile April 1999 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8501B/A AGM-65F Infared Maverick Missile April 1999 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8508D/A SH-60F Carrier Inner-Zone Anti-Submarine Helicopter August 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8509D/A CV/CVN Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment August 2002 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8511B/A F-14A, F14B, F-14D Aircraft 15 March 2000 Approved
N78-NTSP-A-50-8511C/A F-14A, F-14B And F-14D Aircraft February 2002 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8512B/A Cable Harness Repair Or Manufacturing Equivalence (CHROME) October 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8515C/A AN/USM-636 (V) Consolidated Automated Support System January 2002 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8516D E-6A/B TACAMO Aircraft July 26, 1999 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8517C/A SJU-17(V) Navy Aircrew Common Ejection Seat January 2001 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8518B/A NonDestructive Inspection Program May 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8520D AH-1W Aircraft February 1996 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8602B/A Hydraulic Tube Bending Machine 15 March 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8605D/A EP-3E Airborne Reconnaissance Integrated Electronics Suite (ARIES) II, Sensor System Improvement Program (SSIP) Aircraft March 2001 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8616B/A Gas Turbine Engine Test Systems August 1998 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8617A/A A/M 32C-21 Mobile Air Conditioner 14 July 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8620C/A A/E 37T-32 Vibration Analysis Test Set 14 July 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8623B/A The Aviation Gas Free Engineering Program 14 April 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8701B/A Metrology and Calibration (METCAL) Program October 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8704C/A Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Training Program November 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8708C/A AN/USM-484 Hybrid Test System April 1999 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8709B/A AN/USM-429 (V) 1 Computerized Automatic Tester CAT-IIID(V)1 April 1999 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8716E/A E-2C Aircraft December 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8603C/A Naval Aviation Oxygen Systems September 2002 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8813B/A AGM-84E Standoff Land Attack Missile May 1996 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8815B/A Ground Proximity Warning System September 1998 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8822B/A AN/AYK-14(V) Standard Airborne Computer November 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8823B/A Aviation Ordnance Officer Career Progression Training June 1998 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8906A/A Joint Standoff Weapon System 15 March 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-8910B/A Navy Consolidated Sonobuoys September 1998 Approved
N88-NTSP-R-50-9011B/A C130 Logistic Support Aircraft April 1999 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9202A/A Aircraft Carrier (CN/CVN) Visual Landing Aid (VLA) Systems November 1999 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9203A/A Amphibious Assault Ship Visual Landing Aid System 14 July 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9204B/A Joint Service Imagery Processing System AN/SYQ-23 February 1999 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9206/A Aviation Life Support Systems June 1997 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9301C/A The Naval Mission Planning System (NAVAMPS) June 1999 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9301D/A Naval Mission Planning System (NAVMPS) July 2001 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9302A/A A/S32P-25 Shipboard Firefighting Vehicle 15 March 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9307A/A Joint Oil Analysis Program 28 June 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9401/A The Trailer Mounted Liquid/Nitrogen Generating 10 April 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9409A/A H-46 Helicopter May 2001 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9502A/A Air Capable Ship Visual Landing Aid System May 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9502A/A AGM-84H Standoff Land Attack Missile Expanded Response November 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9503/A A/F27T-10 Aircraft Hydraulic Component Test Stand Type I February 2001 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9505/A Combat Survivor Evader Locator (CSEL) February 2002 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9601 AIM-9X Sidewinder Missile System May 1998 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9601A/A AIM-9X Sidewinder Missile System June 2001 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9602/A USMC H-1 Upgrades Program December 1997 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9603A/A H-1 Upgrades Program (AH-1Z and UH-1Y) January 2002 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9701/D Enhanced Terminal Voice Switch April 1999 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9702/A General Aerial Targets December 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9801/A Consolidated Rocket Systems August 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9802/A Marine Corps Minimum Operating Strip Systems November 1999 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9804/A Marine Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems (MATCALS) 14 July 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9805/A H-60 Armed Helicopter Program March 2002 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9901/A C-40A Aircraft October 2001 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9902/A CH-60S Multi-Mission Helicopter 11 August 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9903/A Tactical Operational Preview Scene (TOPSCENE) February 2001 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9906/A Strike Fighter Training Program May 2002 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9908/A AN/SPN-35C Aircraft Control Approach Central July 2001 Approved
N88-NTSP-A-50-9910C/A Navy Consolidated Sonobuoys 11 August 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-E-50-8206E/A AN/SPN-46(V) Automatic Carrier Landing System (ACLS) 9 November 1999 Approved
N88-NTSP-E-50-8206E/A ADD 1 AN/SPN-46(V) Automatic Carrier Landing System (ACLS) ADDENDUM ONE August 2000 Approved
N88-NTSP-E-8502B/A Carrier and Amphibious Air Traffic Control Center Direct Altitude and Identity Readout (CATCC DAIR / AATCC DAIR) 15 March 2000 Approved

NTSP Proposed

Updated December 23, 2002

NTSP Number Platform Date Status
N78-NTSP-A-50-0110/P Part 1
N78-NTSP-A-50-0110/P Part 2
N78-NTSP-A-50-0110/P Part 3
N78-NTSP-A-50-0110/P Part 4
N78-NTSP-A-50-0110/P Part 5
N78-NTSP-A-50-0110/P Part 6
N78-NTSP-A-50-0110/P Part 7
N78-NTSP-A-50-0119/P C-37 Aircraft Aug 2002 Proposed
N78-NTSP-A-50-0123/P MSU 200NAV Air Start Unit November 2002 Proposed
N78-NTSP-A-50-8112C/P P-3C Series Aircraft Oct 2002 Proposed
N88-NTSP-A-50-8404D/P Advanced Composite Material Repair Program December 2000 Proposed
N78-NTSP-A-50-8516E/P E-6A/B TACAMO Aircraft November 2002 Proposed
N88-NTSP-A-50-9001B/P AN/ALE-47 Countermeasure Dispensing System June 2002 Proposed
N78-NTSP-A-50-9306A/P C-20D/G Aircraft November 2002 Proposed
N88-NTSP-A-50-9409A/P H-46 Helicopter February 2001 Proposed
N88-NTSP-A-50-9505/P Aviation Maintenance Officer October 2002 Proposed
N88-NTSP-A-50-9601A/P AIM-9X Sidewinder Missile System August 2000 Proposed
N88-NTSP-A-50-9901/P C-40A Aircraft February 2001 Proposed
N88-NTSP-A-50-9902A/P MH-60S Multi-Mission Helicopter Rev #2 June 2002 Proposed
N88-NTSP-A-50-9908/P AN/SPN-35C Aircraft Control Approach Central April 2001 Proposed

Navy Training System Plans - Initial

NTSP Number Platform Date Status
Initial NTSP Air Data Test Set February 1998 Initial
Initial NTSP Advanced Mission Computer and Displays December 1997 Initial
Initial NTSP Identification Friend or Foe Interrogator Transponder Test Set September 1997 Initial
Initial NTSP Mark 7 Mod 4 Arrresting Gear January 1998 Initial
Initial NTSP USMC KC-130J Advanced Tanker October 1998 Initial
Initial NTSP Mobile Facility November 1998 Initial
Initial NTSP Visual Information Display System February 2000 Initial
Initial NTSP Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System January 2000 Initial
Initial NTSP Virtual Imaging System for Approach and Landing February 2000 Initial
N88-NTSP-A-50-0002/I AN/ASH-XXX Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System April 2000 Initial
N88-NTSP-A-50-0003/I AN/SSC-12 Shipboard Air Traffic Control Communications System April 2001 Initial
N88-NTSP-A-50-0005/I A/F 37T-21 Aircraft Engine Components Test Stand May 2000 Initial
N88-NTSP-A-50-0006/I Air Surveillance and Precision Approach Radar Control System December 2000 Initial
N88-NTSP-A-50-0014/I Common Identification Friend or Foe Digital Transponder Program (AN/UPX-28, AN/APX-64, AN/APOX-72, and AN/APX-100 Replacement August 2000 Initial
N88-NTSP-A-50-0018/I Combat Survivor Evader Locator August 2000 Initial
N78-NTSP-A-50-0102/I Jet Engine Test Instrumentation April 2001 Initial
N78-NTSP-A-50-0116/I Joint Service Family of Decontamination System April 2002 Initial
N78-NTSP-A-50-0117/I Joint Service Sensitive Equipment Decontamination System April 2002 Initial
N78-NTSP-A-50-0121/I Shared Reconnaissance Pod December 2001 Initial
N88-NTSP-A-50-0127/I Advanced Arresting Gear(AAG) [MS Word] August 2002 Initial
N88-NTSP-A-50-0127/I Advance Arresting Gear Engine Replacement Program (AAGE) February 2002 Initial
N88-NTSP-A-50-9403/I SH-60R Multi-Mission Helicopter Upgrade November 2000 Initial
Initial NTSP Combat Survivor Evader Locator January 1998 Old Initial
Initial NTSP CH-60 Fleet Combat Support Helicopter May 1998 Old Initial
Initial NTSP EA-6B Improved Capability III August 1998 Old Initial
Initial NTSP MORIAH Program April 1999 Old Initial
Initial NTSP SH-60R Multi-Mission Helicopter Upgrade January 2000 Old Initial
N88-NTSP-A-50-0003/I Shipboard Air Traffic Control Communications System May 2000 Old Initial

Navy Training System Plans Draft

Updated 24 December 2002

NTSP Number Platform Date DRAFT
N78-NTSP-A-50-0004/D Vertical Takeoff and Landing Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
VTUAV-PSQMD (Attachment A).xls
VTUAV-TO-8890 (Attachment B).doc
June 2001 DRAFT
N78-NTSP-A-50-0009/D Aviation Data Management and Control System March 2001 DRAFT
December 2002 DRAFT
N78-NTSP-A-50-0103/D Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System
May 2002 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-0105/D Integrated Mechanical Diagnostics Health and Usage Monitoring System
August 2002 DRAFT
N78-NTSP-A-50-0106/D GBU-24 Series (Paveway) Low Level Laser Guided Bomb Hard Target Penetrator March 2001 DRAFT
N78-NTSP-A-50-0107/D C-9B/DC-9 Logistics Aircraft March 2001 DRAFT
N78-NTSP-A-50-0109/D Airborne Expendables Countermeasures December 2000 DRAFT
N78-NTSP-A-50-0128/D AGM-65 Maverick Missile
May 2002 DRAFT
N78-NTSP-A-50-9104A/D Joint Direct Attack Munition
November 2001 DRAFT
N78-NTSP-A-50-9206A/D Aviation Life Support Systems
August 2001 DRAFT
N78-NTSP-A-50-9503B/D AGM-84 H/K Standoff Land Attack Missile Expanded Response Automatic Target Acquisition
June 2002 DRAFT
N87-NTSP-A-50-0122/D Expeditionary Airfields
March 2002 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-0007/D VH-3D Helicopter November 2000 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-0008/D VH-60N Helicopter December 2000 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-0011/D National Airspace System Modernization Program November 2000 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-0124/D AN/GYQ-79 Common Munitions Bit Reprogramming Equipment
November 2002 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-7703H/D F/A-18 Aircraft November 2000 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-7703I/D F/A-18 Aircraft
October 2002 DRAFT
June 2002 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-8210D/D T/AV-8A Harrier II Weapon System February 2001 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-8308C/D C-2A Aircraft
August 2002 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-8412D/D Joint Training System Plan for the V-22 Osprey November 2000 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-E-50-8502C/D Carrier and Amphibious Air Traffic Control Direct Altitude and Identity Readout
February 2002 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-8511C/D F-14A, F-14B, and F-14D Aircraft February 2001 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-8515C/D AN/USM-636(V) Consolidated Automated Support System December 2000 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-8515E/D AN/USM-636(V) Consolidated automated Support System
November 2002 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-8603C/D Naval Aviation Oxygen Systems September 2000 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-8604B/D Armament Weapons Support Equipment November 1999 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-8604B/D Armament Weapons Support Equipment
January 2002 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-8622D/D Pioneer Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System August 1999 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-8714C/D Part 1
N88-NTSP-A-50-8714C/D Part 2
N88-NTSP-A-50-8714C/D Part 3
N88-NTSP-A-50-8714C/D Part 4
N88-NTSP-A-50-8714C/D Part 5
N88-NTSP-A-50-8714C/D Part 6
N88-NTSP-A-50-8714C/D Part 7
HH-60H Combat Search and Warfare Support Helicopter [MS WOrd]
October 2002 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-8717CD Improved Tactical Air Launched Decoy ADM-141C
January 2002 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-9205B/D Aircraft Capable Ship Visual Landing Aid Systems
August 2002 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-9206A/D Aviation Life Support Systems June 2000 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-9301D/P Naval Mission Planning System (NavMPS) January 2001 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-9306A/D C-20D/G Aircraft March 2001 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-9501/D A/E 37T-35 Common Rack and Launcher Test Set
February 2002 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-9702A/D General Aerial Targets
January 2002 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-9805/D H-60 Armed Helicopter Program April 2001 DRAFT
N85-NTSP-P-30-9902/D Mark-105 Mod 4 Magnetic Minesweeping System April 1999 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-50-9905/D MK-30 Mod 2 ASW Training Target System April 1999 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-9906/D Strike Fighter Training Program March 2001 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-9907/D AMTCS CBTSI "Technology Infusion" Initiative June 2001 DRAFT
N86-NTSP-E-30-7115F/D AIMS MARK XII Identification Friend or Foe
June 2002 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-E-30-7815D/D AN/UPX 29-(V) Interrogator System
March 2002 DRAFT
N75-NTSP-P-30-0101/D Airborne Mine Neutralization System January 2001 DRAFT
JSF NTSP No Number Assigned Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)
October 2001 DRAFT
N88-NTSP-50-99-05/D MK-30 Mod 2 ASW Training Target System April 1999 old DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-9906/D Strike Fighter Training Program September 1999 old DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-XXXX/D AN/SPN35C Aircraft Control Approach Control Radar Set November 1999 old DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-9801/P Consolidated Rocket Systems March 2000 old DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-9805/D H-60 Armed Helicoper Program February 2001 old DRAFT
N88-NTSP-A-50-8910C/D Navy Consolidated Sonobuoys October 1999 Old Draft
N88-NTSP-A-50-9205A/D Air Capable Ship Visual Landing Aid Systems September 1999 Old Draft


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