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Navy Policy Documents

  • Department of the Navy Cyberspace Superiority Vision Dept. of the Navy 28 Oct 2022
  • CLIMATE ACTION 2030 Department of the Navy 24 May 2022
  • Unmanned campaign Framework Department of the Navy 15 Mar 2021
  • A Blue Arctic - A Strategic Blueprint for the Arctic US Navy Jan 2021
  • Advantage at Sea: Prevailing with Integrated All-Domain Naval Power USMC/USN/USCG Released 17 Dec 2020 -- "Advantage at Sea is a Tri-Service Maritime Strategy that focuses on China and Russia, the two most significant threats to this era of global peace and prosperity. (...) Other rivals, including Iran, North Korea, violent extremist organizations, and transnational criminal organizations, also continue to subvert the international rules-based order."
  • U.S. Coast Guard Arctic Strategic Outlook US Coast Guard Released 22 Apr 2019
  • SPAWAR Strategic Plan - Execution Year 2016 Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command Released 27 Jan 2016
  • A Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority Chief of Naval Operations Jan 2016
  • Department of the Navy Transformation Plan - FY2014-2016 US Dept. of the Navy Jul 2014 -- "The FY14-16 DON Transformation Plan, similar to the DoD’s Strategic Management Plan (SMP) for FY14-15, identifies the most pressing management issues and provides the strategic blueprint to become more effective and better prepared to counter any challenge in the future."
  • U.S. Navy Arctic Roadmap 2014-2030 Feb 2014 -- This update of the 2009 Navy Arctic Roadmap provides guidance necessary to prepare the Navy to respond effectively to future Arctic Region contingencies, delineates the Navy's leadership role, and articulates the Navy’s support to achieve national priorities in the Region. (...) This Roadmap outlines the Navy’s strategic approach for the Arctic Region and the ways and means to achieve the desired national end state. (...) This Roadmap provides direction to the Navy for the near-term (present-2020), mid-term (2020-2030), and far-term (beyond 2030), placing particular emphasis on near-term actions necessary to enhance Navy’s ability to operate in the Arctic Region in the future.
  • Naval Aviation Vision January 2012 -- "Naval Aviation is critical to an evolving military shaped by war and fiscal pressures. The vision of Naval Aviation conveyed in this document is aligned to meet international responsibilities and national imperatives. As the architecture for near- and long-term strategic, operational, and fiscal decisions, it describes where Naval Aviation is today, outlines the transitions necessary for tomorrow, acknowledges the people at the heart of every operational success, and emphasizes the enterprise culture necessary to unveil efficiencies in the name of force sustainment. We share this vision to inform and guide the actions of those serving Naval Aviation today, and those whose support is critical to our continued success."
  • A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower: Forward, Engaged, Ready Released Mar 2015 -- Revised Maritime Strategy
  • A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower Released Oct. 2007 -- "This strategy stresses an approach that integrates seapower with other elements of national power, as well as those of our friends and allies. It describes how seapower will be applied around the world to protect our way of life, as we join with other like-minded nations to protect and sustain the global, inter-connected system through which we prosper."

CNO Guidance

Other Navy Policy Documents


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