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Tupolev Design Bureau - Projects

Tu = Tupolev
Tu-2 Dive Bomber
Tu-2A (62) long-range bomber
Tu-2A (65) long-range bomber
Tu-2A (67) long-range bomber
Tu-2 (716) Dive Bomber
Tu-2 DB-83 Dive Bomber
Tu-2 (1947) Dive Bomber
Tu-2P Heavy Fighter Interceptor
Tu-2R Frontline scout
Tu-2C Dive Bomber
Tu-2T torpedo
Tu-2m Heavy Forward
Tu-4Long range bomber
Tu-4T transport aircraft
Tu-6 Frontline scout
Tu-8 long-range bomber
Tu-10 (FIRST) speed dive bomber
Tu-10 "64" long-range bomber
Tu-12 frontline bomber
Tu-16medium-range bomber
Tu-16A strategic bomber
Tu-16B Medium Bomber
Tu-16D aircraft Subsidiary
Tu-16D tactical tanker
Tu-16E aircraft EW TREE
Tu-16E XPchemical reconnaissance aircraft
Tu-16Z Tactical Refueling tanker
Tu-16K-10 bomber-medium-range missile
Tu-16K-11-16 bomber-medium-range missile
Tu-16K-26 bomber-medium-range missile
Tu-16KS Bomber medium-range missile
Tu-16KSR Bomber medium-range missile
Tu-16LL Flying Laboratory
Tu-16H Tactical tanker
Tu-16P aircraft EW BOUQUET
Tu-16PLO antisubmarine aircraft
Tu-16R reconnaissance aircraft
Tu-16RM reconnaissance aircraft
Tu-16C Marine search and rescue aircraft
Tu-16SP antisubmarine aircraft
Tu-16SPS Aircraft EW
Tu-16T torpedo
Tu-16 CYCLONE-H Meteorological plane
Tu-16YU Tactical tanker
Tu-20 strategic bomber
Tu-22 medium-range supersonic bomber
Tu-22K supersonic bomber bomber
Tu-22P aircraft jamming
Tu-22PD aircraft electronic intelligence
Tu-22P Supersonic tactical reconnaissance
TR-22RD Tactical reconnaissance
Tu-22RDM Tactical reconnaissance
Tu-22U trainer aircraft
Tu-22M0 long-range bomber
Tu-22M1 long-range bomber
Tu-22M2 long-range bomber
Tu-22M3 long-range bomber
Tu-22MR reconnaissance Tactical
Tu-24 frontline bomber
Tu-28 frontline scout
Tu-28 heavy fighter-interceptor Tu-128
39 - 63ANT = A.N.Tupolev Projects
Tu-64 long-range bomber
Tu-65 high-altitude reconnaissance bomber
Tu-66passenger aircraft (based on 64 project)
Tu-67long-range bomber Tu-2D ( AC-30BF engines)
Tu-68front-line dive bomber Tu-10 (Tu-4)
Tu-69long-range bomber Tu-8 (upgraded 62)
Tu-70 medium-haul passenger aircraft
Tu-72medium-height bomber (with Ash-2TK, project)
Tu-72front-line jet bomber Tu-18 (Nin-1, project)
Tu-73 frontline bomber
Tu-74scout Tu-22 (with 3 engines)
Tu-75 Tactical Transport Aircraft
Tu-76bomber Tu-28 (draft)
Tu-76bomber Tu-24 (based on 74 draft)
Tu-76experimental troop-Tu-4D
Tu-77frontal jet bomber Tu-12 (Tu-10) (Tu-2C)
Tu-78 frontline scout
Tu-79heavy bomber (B4 engines M-49TK project)
Tu-79Frontal scout jet Tu-30 (based on 73)
Tu-79Frontal scout jet Tu-20 (based on 73)
Tu-80 long-range bomber
Tu-81 frontline bomber
Tu-82 frontline bomber
Tu-83bomber Tu-22 (82 for mass production, project)
Tu-83pinterceptor (draft)
Tu-84high-altitude long-range reconnaissance (draft)
Tu-85 strategic bomber
Tu-86long-range bomber (project)
Tu-86Rlong-range reconnaissance (draft)
Tu-86Ttorpedo (draft)
Tu-87long-range bomber (86 engines TR-3 project)
Tu-88 (product H) - long-range bomber Tu-16
Tu-89 frontline scout
Tu-90 long-range bomber (88 engines AL-5 or SC-12)
Tu-91 (Project "91") deck torpedo bomber
Tu-92(product HP) - long-range reconnaissance Tu-16R
Tu-93torpedo (81T engines VC or VC-5-7 project)
Tu-94heavy bomber (Tu-4 with TV-2 engines project)
Tu-95 strategic bomber
Tu-95A strategic bomber
Tu-95B strategic bomber
Tu-95Kmissile strategic bomber
Tu-95K-10 strategic bomber-missile
Tu-95K-22 strategic bomber-missile
Tu-95KDmissile strategic bomber
Tu-95km Strategic bomber-missile
Tu-95LAL Experimental Aircraft
Tu-95LL Experimental Aircraft
Tu-95M strategic bomber
Tu-95M-5 Strategic bomber-missile
Tu-95M-55 strategic bomber-missile
Tu-95MA strategic bomber-missile
Tu-95MS strategic bomber
Tu-95MR Far (maritime) scout
Tu-95N strategic bomber
Tu-95RTsrange reconnaissance and targeting aircraft
Tu-95U training bomber
Tu-96 strategic bomber
Tu-97long-range bomber (88 HP motors 5)
Tu-98 (The "98") front-line bomber
Tu-99heavy bomber (95 turbojet HP-7 or AL-7 project)
Tu-100Tu-95 suspended bomber (draft)
Tu-101airborne (project)
Tu-102passenger aircraft TU-102 (draft)
Tu-103long-range bomber (88 project)
Tu-104Mid-range passenger plane (Tu-16P)
Tu-104A medium-range passenger aircraft
Tu-104AK trainer aircraft
Tu-104B Mid-range airliner
Tu-104E Medium range airliner
Tu-105Tu-22 medium-range supersonic bomber
Tu-106medium-range supersonic bomber
Tu-107Tu-104 variant, Tactical Transport Aircraft
Tu-108 long-range supersonic bomber
Tu-109 long-range supersonic bomber
Tu-110Tu-104 variant, Mid-range passenger plane
Tu-111short-range passenger aircraft TU-111 (draft)
Tu-112supersonic bomber TU-112 (draft)
Tu-113hanging Tu-113 projectile (project)
Tu-114long-haul passenger aircraft
Tu-115military transport (based on 114, project)
Tu-116VIP Tu-114 long-haul passenger aircraft
Tu-117military -Transport (based on 110 draft)
Tu-118medium-range passenger (draft)
Tu-119 bomber prototype [atomic powered]
Tu-120 supersonic bomber [atomic powered]
Tu-121 intermediate range cruise missile
Tu-122supersonic bomber Tu-122 (draft)
Tu-123Atomic supersonic long-range UAV HAWK
Tu-124 passenger plane
Tu-124SH trainer aircraft
Tu-125bomber project
Tu-126AWACS Plane
Tu-127frontal supersonic bomber missile carrier (draft)
Tu-127military transport aircraft (based on 124, draft)
Tu-128 Heavy Fighter Interceptor (draft)
Tu-128UT trainer aircraft
Tu-129tactical supersonic bomber-missile carrier (draft)
Tu-130 (DP)long-range boost glide vehicle
Tu-130 (II)2nd - short-range civilian transport
Tu-131 (product S) - anti-aircraft guided projectile (draft)
Tu-132far low-level bomber (draft)
Tu-133product SD intercontinental cruise missile (draft)
Tu-134 Mid-size SST draft
Tu-134Short-range passenger plane
Tu-134B short-haul passenger aircraft
Tu-134CX Farm plane
Tu-134UBL trainer aircraft
Tu-134SH trainer aircraft
Tu-135bomber project
Tu-135P SST project
Tu-136 [I] VSTOL fighter project
Tu-136 [II] rocket plane project
Tu-136 [III] cargo aircraft for local airlines
Tu-137unmanned missile launcher "Sputnik" (draft)
Tu-137long supersonic bomber-missile carrier (draft)
Tu-138long range interceptor prototype (draft)
Tu-139experimental rocket aircraft (project)
Tu-139long-range unmanned scout "Yastreb-2"
Tu-140air-to-surface missile (project)
Tu-141 Swift operational / tactical recon UAV
Tu-142 Large anti-submarine aircraft
Tu-142M Large anti-submarine aircraft
Tu-142M3 antisubmarine aircraft
Tu-142MR Airplane repeater
Tu-143 FLIGHT Tactical reconnaissance UAV
Tu-144 supersonic airliner
Tu-144LL Airplane - flying laboratory
Tu-145experimental long-range Tu-22M0 bomber
Tu-146distant anti-aircraft (draft)
Tu-147 skipped ??? (draft ???)
Tu-148long-range supersonic fighter-interceptor (draft)
Tu-149 skipped ??? (draft ???)
Tu-150 skipped ??? (draft ???)
Tu-151 skipped ??? (draft ???)
Tu-152 skipped ??? (draft ???)
Tu-153 skipped ??? (draft ???)
Tu-154 medium-haul passenger aircraft
Tu-154B-2 Mid-range airliner
Tu-154S Multi-purpose transport aircraft
Tu-155 Experimental Aircraft
Tu-156Mid-range cryogenic cargo aircraft
Tu-156 ("156") AWACs [DRLO]
Tu-156heavy supersonic bomber-missile (draft)
Tu-157 skipped ??? (draft ???)
Tu-158 skipped ??? (draft ???)
Tu-159 skipped ??? (draft ???)
Tu-160 strategic bomber
Tu-160PSuperSonic Transport
Tu-161 strategic bomber, hydrogen propellant Tu-160
Tu-162 skipped ??? (draft ???)
Tu-163 skipped ??? (draft ???)
Tu-164Mid-range passenger plane
Tu-174Tu-154 with stretched fuselage
Tu-184Medium-haul aircraft (200-220 pax), early 70s.
Tu-194Tu-184 w/longer fuselage (at 320-350 pax)
Tu-202distant anti-aircraft (draft)
Tu-204Mid-range passenger plane
Tu-204-100 medium-haul passenger aircraft
Tu-204-120 medium-haul passenger aircraft
Tu-204-200 medium-haul passenger aircraft
Tu-204-300haul passenger aircraft
Tu-204-320haul passenger aircraft
Tu-204C Medium-cargo aircraft
Tu-204SM medium-haul passenger aircraft
Tu-214Mid-range passenger plane
Tu-214ON special-purpose aircraft
Tu-214PU flying command post
Tu-214R aircraft far ORTR
Tu-214SR aircraft relay
Tu-214SUS Flying communication node
Tu-224 medium-haul passenger aircraft (draft)
Tu-230hypersonic strike aircraft Tu-260 (draft)
Tu-230 regional transport aircraft (draft)
Tu-234haul passenger aircraft
Tu-243-D "Reis-D" Tactical reconnaissance UAV
Tu-244supersonic passenger aircraft (draft)
Tu-245 long-range supersonic bomber bomber (draft)
Tu-260 hypersonic strike aircraft
Tu-300 "Kite-U" operational / tactical recon UAV
Tu-304medium-haul passenger aircraft (draft)
Tu-324short-haul passenger aircraft (draft)
Tu-330medium transport aircraft (draft)
Tu-330Mid-range transport aircraft
Tu-334Short-range passenger plane
Tu-342 heavy bomber bomber Tu-95MS (Product VP-021)
Tu-344Administrative supersonic (based on the Tu-22M3,
Tu-360 hypersonic strike aircraft (draft)
Tu-404 airship of extra-large capacity (draft)
Tu-411 optical-radio reconnaissance Tu-214R "Fraction-4"
Tu-414 Administrative (draft)
TS-B Heavy Forward
FB ("103") front-line bomber
FB ("103U") front-line bomber
FB ("103B") front-line bomber
Tupolev's Tu designation series is sequential from Tu-1 to Tu-164. The ANB Tupolev Design Bureau began work on the TU-2 aircraft in 1939. The project and the construction of the aircraft were made in the OTB (a special technical bureau, i.e. prison of the NKVD). But it is a hopeless jumble thereafter. Numbers could get reused if a design remained unbuilt, and sometimes numbers were reused for no apparent reason.

There is an apparent break in the early sequence from 39 to 63, but these are in fact ANT = A.N.Tupolev Projects. At this point, the designation system is confusing, as aircraft would have an simple numberical internal designator within the Tupolev organization, with some eventually entering service with a "Tu" designator. Evidently, by the end of the Great Patriotic War, the ANT designator had lapsed. But it is hopelessly confusing to use the internal "item" number with out some sort of prefix to indicate just whose "item" is referenced.

The sequence Tu-164, 174, 184, 194, 204, 214, 224, 234, 244, appears to reflect a "signature" numbering system, [eg, Boeing 7xx, Airbus 3xx, etc] with almost no intervening projects. After around Tu-202, the record becomes rather spotty, and either the number system collapsed, or there are prodigious numbers of items, projects, products and articles that have yet to see the light of day. There is probably some truth in this, as over time [ie, post 2005] the public record has become somewhat more complete.

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