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Tu-206 / Tu-204K / Tu-216

For the purpose of operational provisions on the creation of aircraft Tu-156 was prepared ground test bench of cryogenic power plant. The Tu-206 was designed to fly on liquefied natural gas and the Tu-216 on hydrogen. On the base of the passenger certified medium-haul aircraft Tu-204 with the engines PS-90[a] is conducted the design of medium-haul aircraft Tu-204[K] with the engines PS-92, intended for the transportation of passengers on the air lines. Kerosene on the aircraft is placed in the wing fuel tanks, tanks with [SPG] are arranged on the fuselage in the fairing, which has form with minimum aerodynamic drag. The fuel effectiveness of aircraft Tu-204[K] composes 19,6 [g]/[pass].[km]. this aircraft it is capable to transport 210 passengers up to the distance to 5200 km into the tanks of aircraft it is repaired with 22.5 t [SPG] and by 5.5 t of kerosene as the aeronavigational reserve. The developed at the level of technical proposals aircraft Tu-204[K] uses the basic elements of cryo-system, installed on the aircraft Tu-156.

Lev Lanovsky, Tu-204 chief designer, said in 1998 that the cryogenic fuel Tu-206 derivative would retain jet fuel tanks and would have an additional liquid natural gas tank, with 20-24t capacity, in a dorsal fairing over the fuselage. The design bureau has carried out experiments of a composite tank, and Lanovsky says that safety questions have been resolved. He says that the Tu-206 would have the same range - about 5,000km (2,700nm) - as that of the jet kerosene fuelled version, but would provide better economical efficiency.

The program of creation of a 200-seat local passenger aircraft Tu - 206 with engines working on liquefied natural gas and aviation kerosene is being carried out as a modified version of a 200-seat passenger aircraft Tu - 204-100, the cost of which is 22-25 million dollars. The cost of the Tu - 206 will be 5-10% above the price of the basic aircraft. The Tu-206 series production will begin at the Ulyanovsk aircraft plant (OJSC "Aviastar").

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