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Tu-114VTA / Tu-115

The Tu-114VTA / Tu-115 was a draft military transport modification of the TU-95, with a fuselage of larger diameter. The work was stopped at the stage of preliminary design.

The experience of creating the Tu-104 was successfully used to create the long-range passenger aircraft Tu-114, which was designed on the basis of the design and main units of the strategic Tu-95 bomber. Since the beginning of the 1960s, this aircraft began to be actively used on large and very long lines. For the first time in our country, a passenger airplane appeared, capable of flying without flying to the most remote corners of the planet. In total, 32 cars of this type were manufactured in versions for 170 and 200 passengers, which were operated until the second half of the 70s. Especially for non-stop flights to Cuba part of the Tu-114 was converted into ultra-long versions of the Tu-114D.

In the same period, as part of the creation of an ultra-long aircraft with a VIP cabin for the top leaders of the USSR, two serial bombers Tu-95 upgraded to aircraft for special passenger traffic - Tu-116. Both these machines were operated until the beginning of the 1990s in the Air Force system.

On the basis of the Tu-114 in the design bureau prepared heavy long-range military transport and cargo aircraft - Tu-115 and Tu-114T. In 1956, A.N. Tupolev was entrusted with the organization of the OKB branch at the plant No. 18 in Kuibyshev. Under the leadership of AI. Putilov in the Kuibyshev branch OKB designed and built two aircraft for special passenger transportation on the basis of Tu-95 - Tu-116 aircraft. The Tu-114 tail section was designed there, design and construction of the Tu-95LL flying laboratory on the basis of the prototype Tu-95/2 for testing powerful TRD and TRDF, a military transport aircraft Tu-115 was designed and a model was built.

On the basis of the passenger aicraft, a variant of the military transport plane Tu-115 was being worked out. In the rear part of the cargo tank, a dropping ramp for loading machinery was mounted, and in the stern there was an installation with two guns. In the front of the machine, a compartment for 38 soldiers was located behind the crew cabin.

The Tu-115 was intended for transportation up to 300 paratroopers or up to 40 tons of cargo for the distance of 5000 km. It is not difficult to guess that the basis of this machine was the passenger liner Tu-114 with its high fuselage and swept wing. The landing data were significantly worse than the An-22.

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