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Tu-304 high capacity passenger aircraft

Since the beginning of the 1990's in OKB im. A.N.Tupolev conducted work on the theme of long-range passenger aircraft of high passenger capacity. One of them became the design of aircraft Tu-304, calculated for the transportation to 500 passengers up to the distances to 10,000 km. The design of the proposed Tu-304 aircraft assumed the creation of large passenger aircraft with a takeoff mass about 250,000 kg. The aircraft had to be carried out according to normal diagram with the low-placed sweptback wing (sweep angle of 33,3) and the arrow-shaped tail assembly.

For the aircraft were selected two engines with a static thrust through 40000 kG and a specific consumption of fuel on the order of 0,57 [kg]/[kgs].[ch], with the installation on the pylons under the wing. As possible versions were examined engines of the type NK -44 with the takeoff thrust 40000 kG and the specific fuel consumption per cruise setting 0,54 kg/kgf h. or "TRENT-884" (40000 kG, 0,575 [kg]/[kgs].[ch]). The equipment of aircraft it had to allow landing on IIIA of category ICAO.

For several years in OKB conducted design work on the aircraft Tu-304, a mock-up of the part of the fuselage was built, original versions of the development of the layout of the fuselage of aircraft were studied, which considered the special features of further multifunctional use of an aircraft in the operation. It was assumed that during the normal development of works on the project and the stable financing Tu-304 it had to leave to the tests in the first decade of new century.

At present work on the project is frozen.

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